If You've Ever Felt Victimized By Your Weight, Remember This Secret

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By Jane Tricia Cruz

You can tell directly that I am not good enough.

You can proudly say how my mistakes have failed me. You can blame me for losing a chance of grabbing an opportunity because of my limitations.

But do not question my weight.

Do not mention any issues regarding how I take care of myself because being smart or kind will never be about how heavy or thin I am. It is how I manage to forgive and understand people even when they do not deserve it.

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I want to bravely clarify that I eat a lot. I eat whatever and whenever I want without any fear to get fat in the end. I have a fast metabolism and losing weight is never an issue to me.

I have been underweight ever since I was a child, but that does not stop me from achieving the things that I love.

I was a campus journalist way back in college. I am a writer and a blogger at present. I got my license as a teacher, but never did my weight and lack of body mass tell me to quit writing or teaching respectively.

Instead, my co-writers and even my students respect me the way I deserve to be respected.

Hearing comments about how inappropriate I am in my job as a teacher is something to be considered just because of my weight issues. My students love me and I know I am doing my job well. I love what I am doing and that keeps me to strive more.

I do not think my weight has something to do with how I teach in class.

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Remember this, people: you are the one who will know when to stop and when to keep on going. It will never be about your weight or even the opinions of others who will tell you that you are not worthy of something you love to do.

Do not limit yourself, but rather prove to them that you are more than what they think you are. You are you and people who love and understand you will always know that.

No one should make you feel less of yourself, because you know yourself more than what anyone else can think about you. You also don’t owe them any explanations.

As much as I want to quit teaching and writing because of all the judgments, I always remind myself that I am wonderfully created and that all of us have a purpose why we are born this way.

Criticisms with no accurate basis should never dictate us on our decisions, much more on our passion.

My weight may be too small, but my heart will always be big enough to people who love me the most.

This is for all of those people who are struggling about their weight. This is for those who experience words of discouragement despite their constant efforts to be accepted.

We are beautiful, we just have to believe that we are.

I am more than my weight. I am more than my body mass. We are all created equal and I think we are all the same.

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Jane Tricia Cruz is a writer and frequent contributor to Thought Catalog, The Mighty and Unwritten. Her work focuses primarily on topics of self-esteem, family, and relationships. Visit her author profile on Unwritten for more.

This article was originally published at Unwritten. Reprinted with permission from the author.