Why You Should Use Cheating As Your Way Out Of The Relationship

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By Brittany Christopoulos

Initially, when you find out you got cheated on, you can feel a wave of emotion take over your body. Heat fills your veins, your heart drops to your stomach, and tears full of every emotion possible flood your eyes and are bursting to pour down your face.

You’re hurt. You’re pissed. You’re in disbelief.

And you’re trying your best to keep it together because you know you’re about to erupt, while you might yell at your significant other or sit alone and sulk while replaying every situation they may have lied to you about where they could have been out cheating on you.

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Obviously you’re going to blame yourself and believe them when they say they won’t do it again, especially when they seem genuinely upset about it.

But don’t look at cheating as a reason to have trust issues or a moment to feel sorry for yourself and doubt yourself. Use their cheating as a ticket to freedom.

You may have been in a relationship where you felt trapped by their manipulative ways or were afraid of upsetting them or hurting their feelings.

But being cheated on allows you to have the perfect reason to pack your things and get out while you can. Your emotions will be valid in every sense and it’s a reason they can’t try to use against you when they try to convince you to stay.

Let the feeling of betrayal boil your blood for a bit to give you the gas to the flame you’ve been dying to burn to the ground.

There’s no need for confusion when you’re dealing with stuff like that.

You know that they won’t change and you can’t accept that. Plus, how could you ever trust them again? Worrying 24/7 isn’t worth the heartache.

Using their excuse of cheating is the perfect reason to end something you may have been afraid of to do before. If you feared them for physically or mentally abusing you, you don’t even have to mention the way you felt before.

No explanation is needed in situations like these except for “you cheated.” That explains itself.

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If you know your relationship was having its difficulties before the infidelity began, you’d know how exhausted you were from trying to keep you afloat despite drowning in a pool of problems that are constantly unresolved.

You can try and make it work, but something is always wrong.

If you still want to make it work after you find out and the other person isn’t matching your efforts of reconciliation, don’t bother trying to fix your damaged relationship.

It should go without consideration to leave someone who has cheated on you, regardless of the situation, especially if you are already judgmental and doubtful of their character.

Sure, you’ll have feelings of failure and slight shame, but they’ll disappear and you’ll find yourself again.

Leaving that poor excuse of a person will help boost your confidence, self-esteem and self-worth by a million times. And you’ll eventually be glad and thankful that it happened.

Regardless, the thoughts of “what if it happens again?” should ultimately be the convincing factor. You should never have to worry about that thought when you’re with the one you love.

Point blank, period. There’s no reason there at all.

You deserve to be loved, respected and appreciated the way you are. Another person shouldn’t dictate if you should stay in a relationship when you are unsure or not willing.

So take your ticket and clock out to go somewhere new where your bound to find someone who won’t cause you that harm ever again.

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Brittany Christopoulos is a writer, journalist and fill-in TV co-host. She's a Senior Writer and Head of Trending News for Unwritten. Follow her on Twitter.

This article was originally published at Unwritten. Reprinted with permission from the author.