How Looking Back Allowed Me To Move Forward

The road ahead is paved for you to be the best!

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By Zoya Gervis

Just recently I stumbled upon some older articles that I had written. Re-reading my work allowed me to see where I came from and how much I have grown.

We all can look back. Often, looking back can be seen as being stuck in the past. But there is a distinct difference between the two.

Looking back so that you can move forward is healthy, necessary even. However, living in the past can be detrimental to your mental health.

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So how can we all make sure that we aren’t getting stuck in nostalgia, but moving forward so we can live our best life?

You find that spark again.

As a writer, it can be tough to find inspiration day after day, week after week. Just the fact that I write for a living can hinder my abilities. Although practicing writing is necessary, getting so comfortable with the creative process can actually stifle your creativity.

While the dream is to write for a living, there are different types of writing. For my day job, I don’t write sexy pieces. In fact, writing about mold and fire protection day after day can get hard.


The challenge is what makes the work so exciting for me. However, when it comes time to write entertainment pieces for online publications that I contribute to, the mind-switch and creative process change significantly.

As a result, it is essential that anyone in the creative industry notice when things are not flowing creatively.

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Don’t be your own worst enemy.

The road ahead is paved for you to be the best! Nothing is stopping you, except yourself.

Of course, we all think a lot and profoundly share our thoughts because we aren’t heroes. It’s not bravery that allows writers to share their emotions and feelings with readers. It’s the fact that we feel a deep need and a sense of purpose to share and connect with others via the written word.


After reading some of my older pieces, I was able to remember the feelings and emotions that helped me find my initial passion and love for writing.

While we can often forget that feeling, reminding ourselves why we got into the industry that we are in is essential for us to grow. The worst thing that you can do is halt your growth by being unwilling to examine your success and growth.

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What areas could use improvement? How has success possibly gotten to your head? All these questions are essential to ask ourselves.

This doesn’t mean that every day we have to reflect on our life. But once in awhile, taking time out of our busy and hectic lives to examine our growth can be the fire that propels us into the next chapter of our lives.


In the end, we all want to be happy. However, if you are trying to move forward in your life because you’ve found yourself in some sort of rut, consider taking a look back.

Finding that spark and passion that is in you can be the magical ingredient to moving forward. There are things beyond our control. But every single door that is closed opens a brand-new window.

Take a look back and see how amazing your life could be! Stretch yourself so you can live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

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Zoya Gervis is a New York-based freelance writer, who has been featured in The Sun, New York Post, The Herald Sun, Elite Daily, and more. Her writing focuses on entertainment, news, and various scientific studies.