3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Life Improves The Most During Jupiter In Pisces Starting December 28, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Life Improves The Most During Jupiter In Pisces Starting December 28, 2021

As Jupiter enters Pisces on December 28th, we’re all given a glimpse at how this water sign lives its lives all the time with humanitarian efforts, empathy, and spirituality taking center stage.  

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and because of that whatever it touches, it makes it bigger, more prominent, and also more successful.  

Known as the planet of abundance, growth, healing, and even miracles, this era of Jupiter in Pisces represents limitless possibilities.  

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac and because of that is said to have qualities from the eleven other signs. 

It’s known to be the most spiritual and connected to the divine. Because of that, it’s also a sign that usually represents unconditional love and even aspects of mysticism like psychic abilities.  

But it also has a deep well of creativity, passion, forgiveness, and the ability to make dreams come true more than any other member of the zodiac.  

Quite simply, this transit is about making even the wildest of dreams come true.  

The thing is though that it won’t be in the traditional ways.  

With Jupiter in Pisces, we can’t be focused on the logic, the bottom line, or even the endless work hours that we put in during other transits.  

Success through Jupiter in Pisces is found through our emotional self, helping others, and placing priority on being of benefit.  

It’s almost as the more selfless we are under this transit, the greater benefits to our own self we will experience.  

But the thing is the universe knows if our intentions are pure or if we’re just playing a game.  

This transit will have a profound effect on our relationships, especially those that have a high level of spirituality in them or those that have a higher purpose.  

Mutable signs in general will find greater favor during this transit and if involved with one another would be even more amplified as well.  

This is the time to let the past go and believe in the dream you have for the future because Jupiter in Pisces isn’t just about love but about making the impossible possible.  

Because it also helps us realize how meaningless life is without love, especially a Piscean love.  

Zodiac Signs Whose Love Life Improves The Most During Jupiter In Pisces Starting December 28, 2021:


(February 19 - March 20) 

You more than any other sign are going to see a big improvement and change over the coming months in your relationships, whether your Sun sign is in Pisces or even your Jupiter.

This year it’s all about love and things coming together that you’ve previously felt were hopeless. A big part of this is that others will feel more how you do in relationships, giving, loving, empathetic, and even romantic.

This means that not only will your partner or prospective partner have a deeper appreciation and gratitude for you, but they will be able to love you in the ways that you need, instead of the ways that are only comfortable for them.

Jupiter also tends to bring about abundance and even miracles so be on the lookout for things taking a sudden turn for the better during the first few months of the year.

Jupiter doesn’t waste time improving our lives and relationships when he sweeps through, especially in this case as he’ll move through all of Pisces in just a few months.

The only thing you should prepare for is actually life and love moving quickly during 2022. This for you could be moving in together, engagements, living abroad together as Jupiter favors travel, and even starting or expanding your family.

This is truly a transit that is all aligning your life with what you truly deserve and as a Pisces, there’s nothing more you deserve than unconditional love.  



(November 22 - December 21) 

Stereotypically you’re not known for settling down, but that’s why it’s important to find someone who loves you in the same way that you do so that instead you will be encouraged to rise up. This transit will be a big one for you and could have you moving mountains for love, especially a love that helps you believe in something bigger than yourself.

With your fourth house of home and family lit up during this transit you can expect to see expansion and growth in this area. Whether it’s adding a spouse or even a child, this is the area that the biggest changes will occur.

For you, though it’s about realizing what it is that truly defines home and family for you, likely going against what you have previously thought and allowing you to see that the best love will also be the one that frees you from the person and the life that you thought you had to be. This is the miracle of Pisces.

Not only does Jupiter help expand us away from self-limiting beliefs but Pisces teaches us that love is supposed to be more than just an agreement, it’s supposed to help change us and how we see the world.

 Bad news for any relationships that are more timeline or conventional based, but great news for those mystical spiritual connections that at least up until now you’ve been unsure what to do with. For you following your heart will mean following your soul during this transit.  



(August 23 - September 22) 

As another mutable sign, you will definitely feel this transit strongly affecting both your overall attitude towards life as well as your seventh house of relationships and committed partnerships. If there’s been a relationship lately that has failed to materialize or fully commit this transit could be the game-changer that you’ve been waiting for.

 Jupiter in Pisces will help options and different possibilities come to light that was previously hidden. This is because rather than thinking with our logical mind we’ll be able to use our emotional center to guide us forward. While this is a very self-less transit, it also prioritizes love.

This means that if it comes between upsetting others and having the love and relationship we desire, this time we’re going to choose love.

The only thing to work on prior to that is your ability to receive, and that includes more than you even asked for. Be mindful that like Sag and Pisces horoscopes prior because this transit is very quick-moving, things will likely happen more quickly than you had planned or anticipated.

The only difference is the other two are usually more okay with that whereas you want to find a reason why. But this time the only reason that matters is love. Let yourself be carried away by this transit because as incredible as it may seem, what it brings is also very real.  


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