I Tried To Impress My Crush & Then Fell Into A Trash Can

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By Victoria Kushner

We have all had harmless little crushes on people when we were young.

Remember those little crushes that you didn’t do anything about because they were hardly anything?! They just made going to school more fun.

However, I totally fell for my crush, and I did the most embarrassing thing to impress him.

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There was a boy in middle school that completely captured my attention. He was funny and athletic. I thought he was the coolest person to ever walk the earth.

Now, we all remember how awkward we were in middle school. Most of us had braces and acne galore. To fully describe me, add glasses and take a few inches off whatever height you were and BAM — it was me! I was (and let’s face it, I still am) a very strange young lady.

My whole life I’ve been the short one, the one who has to roll their pants up just so they don’t drag and the one who squats in the front of every group picture. However, my crush was tall, so I wanted to be, too.

One day before school, I decided I was going to be tall for him. So, I rooted through my closet, found my tallest pair of heels and set off for school.

My friends thought I looked absolutely crazy, and I probably did. However, I strutted into school with new-found confidence.

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I was tall which meant my crush would like me back — that’s obviously how it works.

Now, I was pretty good friends with this guy, so it wasn’t unusual for us to talk at lunch. However, this day the odds were certainly not in my favor.

On my way to the table, I was practicing my new tall girl walk. I practiced looking judgmental and disapproving like a model. I’m going to be completely honest — I felt so cool.

That day, I remember walking by and stopping to talk to him. My inner child was freaking out the whole time. Oh my gosh, he’s talking to me! It’s got to be the heels, I thought.

I’m not even sure why I was freaking out. It’s not like we never talked.

It was a pretty typical conversation. However, for some reason, as I turned to walk away, I decided to do a hair flip. It was cringe-worthy and weird, but I was convinced he would notice.

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And he most definitely did.

As I was mid-flip, I tripped over his foot and began to lose my balance. This should not have been a huge surprise to me because I have been known to be quite the klutz every now and then.

For some reason, I was so shocked that I couldn’t react in time. I kid you not when I say, I literally fell face-first in a trashcan.

It took me a second to realize what had happened, probably because I hit my head on the way down. When I came to, I jumped out of the trash. He was standing there looking at me.

I went to make a joke about it, but before I even could, gravy started seeping down my back.

Needless to say, it was not my finest moment. I think everyone has to go through things like this to learn, though.

For me, it was learning that I shouldn’t try so hard to impress a guy, and if I do... well, I should look where I’m going.

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Victoria Kushner is a writer and contributor for Unwritten. Visit her author profile for more of her work.

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