3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Turn Toxic During Moon Square Mars Starting September 29, 2021

You've both let the poison in.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Turn Toxic Starting September 29, 2021 Dotted Yeti/Shutterstock.com

Three zodiac signs whose relationships turn toxic during the Moon square Mars starting September 29, 2021, will want to change.

They say that keeping a relationship alive and filled with love and respect is work, and though we may sign on for that job, oftentimes we really don't want to do the work involved.

Work? I mean, this is about love and comfort, right? Who really wants to carry around a checklist of priorities and 'must-do's' when it comes to our romantic relationships? That, for some, seems a terrible bore...which is also why many relationships sour; nobody wants to put in the extra effort to make it work.


So, how can a relationship turn toxic? Relationships can become poisonous when the two parties involved stopped caring about both their own behavior and the behavior of their partner.

Sometimes laziness or fear of confrontation can be at the root of this kind of neglect, but neglect is what causes toxicity in relationships, and that, unfortunately, comes to life in a big way when the Moon Square Mars.

On September 29, we will see such a transit take place, so be warned: you may not notice what's going on in your relationship because you've both gotten so used to each other - you may even think this lack of growth means you've grown closer.


What's really going on, however, is that you've both let the poison in, and you are both, perhaps, too disinterested to do anything about it.

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Which signs need to pay attention to the toxicity of their relationships during Moon Square Mars, on September 29, 2021?


Zodiac signs whose relationships turn toxic during Moon square Mars starting September 29, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

You may not want to admit it, but you are presently in a toxic love relationship, and what's even worse is that you play a major role in adding to the toxicity. It's not like you haven't tried; you did, you just gave up along the way, feeling battered down by life and weary of having to always 'try.'

It's hard to keep things alive, but you've gotten to that place where all you can see is 'their' faults, and yes, you are right - they are at fault, but so are you, Aries. You want more, but you're afraid to ask for it - and guess what? So is your partner...all that fear has created a life for the two of you where you are no longer yourselves.

All the feisty fun of the past has now morphed into this routine - all of which feels exceptionally mediocre to you. Moon Square Mars will be unearthing more of this feeling in you, and it may just get the both of you to the place where you decide to either speak to each other about your personal truths - or end it once and for all. Toxic doesn't mean hopeless - it just means it needs work.

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

You are presently living with the sum of your choices, Virgo. You desperately wanted the person who is now in your life, in your life, and you bent over backwards to make sure they signed, sealed, and delivered themselves to you, wholly and without question.

Yes, you are very much in a solid, monogamous relationship, and over time, this partnership has turned into a royal snore. Your person does not interest you anymore, and that is because they are not inspired.

While it's not your job to be the walking-talking inspiration of the relationship, it is part of the work you need to do when it comes to wanting more from your partner. They are bored, and you expect them to be the entertainer - and vice versa.

So, because neither of you wants to put in the effort, you end up enabling each other's absolute worst traits. "They are lazy" turns into "Who cares what they do." "They are not interested" turns into "I am not interested either."


And so on and so on. You have a toxic relationship on your hands, one that can absolutely be worked on and made better - but it relies solely upon your effort - will you do the work? Will they? Your love life depends on this.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

You are so terrified of your mate that you have silenced yourself on a semi-permanent level. You no longer wish to fight, and you find that if you bring 'things' up, you get yelled at. So, basically, in your relationship - as it stands right now - you live in fear of the other person's reaction.

You don't even care anymore to stand up for yourself, you've found that it's so much easier to just sit back and take it. You've accepted mediocrity and now it's your lifestyle. So, this is what a toxic relationship looks like, especially now that you've thrown in your chips and are completely fine with accepting the hissy fits and tantrums of your partner.


Moon Square Mars is like a stadium light shining down on what's wrong in your love life, and what's wrong is that you are doing nothing about it. So, while your partner may be a shrieking maniac, you have become a sodden bore, energy-deprived and waiting for the next tantrum to block you from.

This is not a relationship - and remember, Sagittarius - it once was. It once was very good, and you CAN get it back. You just have to do that crazy little thing called, "TRY." Try, Sagittarius. Try and get it back. It's worth the effort.

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