Why You Should Make More Eye Contact During Sex

It's all about eye contact.

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Making eye contact during sex is one of the most intimate things you can share with your partner.

Intimate eye contact is hard to feel comfortable with at first but learning how to embrace it can help in the bedroom as you and your partner can becoming better communicators, even without words.

It can be easier said than done as eyes have the tendency to close during sex and it might feel easier to look away than look your partner straight in the eye. 


Nowadays with social media and online dating, people feel more awkward with intimate interaction in real life and might find eye contact one of the most challenging parts of communicating with someone. 

Really working on making eye contact feels vulnerable but it helps and is one of the most important things you can do if you want to form a connection with someone. 

Why is eye contact during sex important?

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1. Eye contact builds trust.

When you're in a solid committed relationship, you can tell what your partner might be thinking or feeling just by looking into their eyes. There's a level of trust that is built in a strong couple that uses eye contact as a form of communication.


Eye contact during intimate moments like sex can reveal your inner truth to your partner, therefore, by looking at each other in the eye, you will be able to share and tell your true feelings for each other just through your eyes. 

2. Eye contact proves you're in the moment.

Eye contact during sex can prove that you're present and that you're paying attention to what your partner is doing and the two of you can feel in sync with each other in a way. Making eye contact while having sex can affirm your partner's feelings that he or she is worthy of your interest and love. 

Eye contact during sex also shows your partner that you're giving them your undivided attention and that you're focusing on nothing else but them.

You can also prove that you're an active listener as well through eye contact if you partner and you try some dirty talk it can make the moment even more intimate. 


3. Eye contact can boost confidence.

When making love to your partner, notice if your partner is enjoying the sex through making eye contact, as eye contact can boose confidence in your partner. The two of you can communicate through facial expressions and eye contact to see if each other is enjoying the sex and receiving pleasure. 

Is eye contact a sign of love? Locking eyes with your partner can signal to them that you are in total surrender mode and that's when you can let them know through your eyes that you're in love.

Intense eye contact like this can boost their confidence a lot as they can take over your body and see into the window of your soul. 

4. Eye contact can improve flirting. 

Flirting with each other while having sex or engaging in foreplay and using eye contact can turn you on a lot. Eye contact plays a significant role in flirtation such as a sexy glance and playful eye contact. 


Flirty eye contact during sex doesn't need to be as intense as you think it needs to be. Sexy glances can be made at each other while moving your eyes up and down your partner's body and meeting each other's eye for the longest part is very hot.

The two of you could work on being more flirtatious with each other by practicing more prolonged eye contact to make your love-making experience that much more intimate. 

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5. Eye contact is a sign of love. 

If you and your partner are having sex for the first time, make sure that the two of you try your best at making and maintaining eye contact. This way you'll be able to grow your romantic chemistry and make it even stronger.


Each time the two of you make love you can work on it and it will make the two of you become closer almost instantly. According to research, by doing this even for a minute or two, you can cause the brain to produce a chemical called phenylethylamine, which is responsible for falling in love.

6. Eye contact can improve relationships.

Eye contact during sex doesn't just improve your romantic chemistry but also your relationship in general. Intimacy coaches actually recommend practicing eye contact exercises to try and connect with each other on a deeper level and to try and understand each other. 

A five or ten-minute gazing exercise might seem intimidating at first but it can help the two of you to literally and figuratively see your partner. You could try doing this during sex by keeping eye contact with each other when you aren't kissing.

7. Eye contact helps maintain a connection during sex.

Keeping and maintaining a healthy amount of eye contact during sex can actually improve your connection with your partner as it can be a powerful type of arousal trigger for each other.


It can make the two of you feel desired in one another's eyes and it's a special moment when the connection feeling happens after you look in your partner's eyes for a good period of time. 

8. Eye contact improves sexual chemistry. 

Intense eye contact in your sex life can stimulate sexual arousal.

Oral sex and vaginal sex both have the same opportunity to create high levels of intimacy and sexual arousal. When a couple breathes together taking slow deep breathes while the two of you open your eyes and make eye contact it can help release the pleasure and love hormone called dopamine which makes sex pleasurable and exciting.


Keeping eye contact while kissing can help make your kissing more intimate as well and improve the sexual chemistry of your kisses especially if intense eye contact is made before the kiss.

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