What Men Think About Periods & 7 Things They Think Happen During Menstruation

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As women, we're taught the ins and outs of menstruation and know exactly how to handle that time of the month. The same can't be said for men, however, and you might be surprised to hear what men think about periods.

Guys react to periods in their own unique way. Whether they are the ones who disappear for that time of the month or become super coddling, guys and periods have had a weird history and they normally don't like to talk about them. 

Well, too bad, because I’m talking about it and many men are here to share their opinions as well. That’s right! I went out and asked multiple men their thoughts on the monthly subscription to pain and blood.

Here's what men think about periods.

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Men think periods are natural occurrences and that no one person should have to deal with them every month. How sweet of them?

However, many still think PMS isn’t a thing and that we use it as an excuse to be mean. To be fair with you, PMS sucks and women can get moody, but it is a real thing. 

There were a few outliers who gave me a little giggle like this one response, “It is not great for wearing white or swimming.” 

Another: “It’s not a good time for women.”

No, anonymous man, it is not the best time for us.

Do guys find periods attractive? 

This is honestly one of the weirder questions I asked my close friends. Now, the internet will have you believe that men are attracted to women when they are ovulating, but after asking several men, they don’t really think of periods in that way.

It’s just something that happens. As one repose I got implied, they don’t really think of them at all, “Like most men, it’s a topic I seldom think about. Seldom *want* to think about it!”

Do guys understand periods? 

I mean, how much do guys know about periods? Do they know the process, what happens, why it happens?

For the most part, yes. There are some areas where they need some brushing up on, but they get the gist. 

What should guys do when a girl is on her period? 

Be understanding was the number one answer on the survey. One response in regards to period cramps reads, “They must be awful. I've heard some women can't even walk with them.” 

Another: “Men really need to be understanding when a woman is experiencing cramps.” 

Other suggestions included: to get her the things she needs, man up and buy the tampons and other sanitary products, and be nice.

Honestly, guys, you are much more compassionate than many people think you are, and not one person in the survey was creeped out by buying period products. Myth busted!

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7 Weird Assumptions Men Have About Menstruation

Let's hit them with the facts!

1. They can control their flow.

Yeah, an overwhelming amount of men thought that women can control the flow of blood when on their period.

In short, no — but there’s more to this.

There are some treatments we can take if our periods are abnormally heavy. 

Those treatments include adding more iron to your diet or taking prescribed medications. You can even take hormonal birth control, which thins the uterine lining reducing the amount of blood and tissue you lose during the period. 

Since our hormones are really what determines how heavy the flow is, we really can’t control that without outside help like medications or hormone therapy.

While that is some sort of control, it’s not like we wake up and tell our hormones “hey, I’d like the flow to be lighter today!” and our hormones give us a thumbs up.

2. It’s a woman’s issue.

It’s actually not just a woman’s issue, as not all women get a period. Transgender men and nonbinary people may also get theirs. So it’s more a “human issue” than a “woman’s.” Take care to know this.

3. You still get your period after menopause.

This is false. Plain and simple, menopause is the ending of your menstrual cycle. So you shouldn’t be getting your period after it.

You are considered to be in menopause after going a full year without a period. If you have vaginal bleeding after menopause, it’s not normal and you should consult a doctor.

4. Having sex on your period is bad for you.

This isn’t true at all. There is no evidence that having sex on your period is unhealthy. It may be a bit messy with the period blood, especially if you do it on a heavy flow day, but it’s perfectly safe. 

There was one response that stood out against the overwhelming “DON’T DO IT” responses. It read, “It’s a fan favorite for me.” 

So don’t knock it until you try it guys.

5. PMS is worse after being pregnant.

Your body has gone through a lot after having a baby, but there is no direct or linear trend linking PMS symptoms to post-pregnancy. However, with so much change that has happened to your body, it makes sense that some things may have shifted to manifest different period symptoms.

It's a strong assumption, but it hasn’t been scientifically proven yet.

6. They aren’t as serious as women make them out to be.

This one just bothers me. Periods are serious. It’s what allows women to reproduce life and if women have irregular, painful, or heavy periods it can also be a sign of a serious health problem. 

So, periods are serious and we'll bet that most women agree. 

Men may assume women are overreacting, but the truth is that periods are different for every person and every person has a different pain threshold. So don’t assume periods are nothing, and maybe listen to the person who is having it.

7. Women are ashamed of it. We are not. We may be on the lookout for “accidents,” but we are not ashamed of them. I don’t need to explain this one.

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