Why Our Story Will Never Deserve A Second Chance

I am so much better now, and I will continue to rise, even without you.

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By Cho Amisola

“I miss you. I now know that I love you. So please come back to me.”

Perplexed, I ran away from our story. I had no destination. I just escaped and let my feet take me anywhere they wanted me to go.

It all led me to a park, the one that you and I used to visit together.

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Memories of our story came flashing back. The day we met. The day we had our first date. The day that you and I became “us.”

It felt like I was watching a movie. I saw us talking, laughing, running, loving.


I realized that we were such a happy couple. I wondered what happened to us.

My heart felt blissful as I walked down memory lane. It felt like I was watching us from afar.

I was about to run back to you and tell you I am going to accept you in my life once again when, suddenly, the scene changed.

The sky became dark, and the air turned misty and cold.

I started crying because I felt completely alone without you.

I saw the moments when we fought. I heard you say harsh words that pierced my heart like a dagger.

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I remembered the time when I cried in front of you because I never wanted us to part.


That day, you turned your back on me, walking away without a trace of regret on your face.

When I remembered those difficult moments, I stopped in my tracks.

Passersby looked at me with questions in their eyes. They shared their sympathy because I was drenched with sweat and tears from running away and remembering us.

In that moment, I realized that fond memories alone aren’t a good reason to get back together with a past lover.

You gave me more than just tears.

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You gave me fear, fear that no one could ever love me again.

You made me feel like I would never be enough.


You made me doubt everyone’s intentions.

You made me hate myself because I thought that if I couldn’t make my lover happy, no one would ever want to love me again. Who would ever want to choose me?

I can now say that I’m only in love with our memories, with our story. I am done loving you.

I am so much better now, and I will continue to rise, even without you.


I know that someday, someone will reciprocate the love that I give everyone else.

You will also find true love, so stay patient.

Go make yourself happy because you will never be happy again with me. It’s finally time for me to say goodbye.

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Cho Amisola is a writer, poet, and author of "Written in the Stars." Her work focuses primarily on love and relationships. Visit her author profile on Unwritten for more.