To The Ones Who Haven't Found Peace In A While

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By Nicole Garbanzos

I know you’re grieving what you’ve lost.

You strive to continue to hold onto your optimism with everything you’ve got, but any ounce of light seems out of reach. But you are not alone.

May you stumble upon the serenity you need to face another day.

I hope you find a calm place during this storm, and I hope it teaches you how to use chaos to your advantage.

The hope that you have will lead you to a place of peace.

I hope you bask in the stillness of uncertainty as its darkest clouds lead you to its brightest horizons.

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May you take comfort in the moonbeams of a dark sky. 

May your spirit benefit from its ability to glow through the gloom. 

I hope you recognize how necessary darkness is to see the beauty in the stars.

I hope you become like the moon, continuing to shine even when it isn’t full.

There is solace and peace in the shadows, beauty in finding rest under a dark sky, and tranquility in places you’d never thought to look.

May you grasp in the calm of the evening air that reminds you of all that stays even in the darkest of nights.

May your soul consume its abilities to shine forever. 

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Your spirit is meant to become an entity of the stars. Your presence is meant to impact a world threatened by darkness. 

You’re here to inspire yourself and others to be the very best.

I hope these moments of uncertainty encourage you to find stability through the turbulence.

I can only hope you’ve stumbled upon pieces of light while conquering the darkness surrounding you.

May your present anxiety become your hope for the future.

I hope you find rest and peace in the restlessness, clarity in the confusion, and comfort in the uncomfortable. 

May these hours of solitude let you heal what needs mending.

I hope these trying times are the reason you become better than before, turning your triggers into a strength that you didn’t know you possess.

May the dark sky lead you to its shining stars and full moons, showing you your bright future.

Let that darkness teach you how bad days are often the root of your greatest days to come.

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May tragedies fill your bones with grit and grace, and may chaos only increase your resilience and strength. 

May your spirit know you have done the best you can.

I hope you fall in love with the way you’ve survived all your struggles.

May your compassion honor all you have been through. 

May troubled times always be in your favor.

I hope you heal from the heartache you’re experiencing, looking past your pain and focusing on the lessons it brought you.

I hope you never lose sight of what lies ahead since we never know what’s just around the corner.

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