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Meet Lady Dimitrescu, The Powerful Female Villain In Resident Evil Village

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Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters stand in her castle

Long running video game franchise, Resident Evil, is back with another installment and social media is ablaze over the new main villain: Alcina Dimitrescu, a.k.a. Tall Vampire Lady.

The Dimitrescu craze is back now that the game released Friday, May 7, 2021. Fans can finally get their hands on a copy to witness Lady Dimitrescu in her "true form." 

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This dominant female figure chases you around her castle attempting to impale you for spoiling her glorious plans. What’s not to love? Players can duck and dodge as much as they like, but getting caught by her is inevitable, and even welcomed by some.

While gamers and memers alike enjoy their many (purposely failed) attempts to get away from this gaming icon, we’re here to take a deeper dive into what makes this strong female character so appealing.

Here are some details about Lady Dimitrescu, Resident Evil's iconic tall vampire lady.

1. That castle you’re in? It’s actually hers.

More specifically, it’s the Dimitrescu family castle that she inherited. Originally built during the 15th century to defend against the Ottoman Empire in Eastern Europe, the castle fell into Dimitrescu control.

Regardless of how she came by it, she maintains an iron grip on the people of the region due to her alliances with other noble families around the area and her infamous cruelty.

2. Only women are allowed to work for her.

Everyone who works under her and her three daughters in the castle is a woman. Talk about female empowerment.

Lady Dimitrescu actually despises men, calling Ethan Winters (your character) a “stupid manthing” as she chases your character around the castle. In light of her dialog, it makes sense that she would only hire women.

3. Lady Dimitrescu is a proud and successful business owner.

Sanguis Virginis, latin for “Maiden’s Blood,” is the name of Dimitrescu’s successful wine brand. This rich red wine is actually made and bottled in the Dimitrescu castle.

Can you guess what the main ingredient for a vampire’s wine brand could be? I’ll give you a hint — it’s not grapes.

That’s right! It’s the blood of her enemies. In additon, whenever it’s time to replace members of her staff, she kills the old workers and uses their blood for the wine as well.

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4. She wasn’t always the Tall Vampire Lady we know and love.

Alcina Dimitrescu was actually a normal human being before she joined a cult. Born with a hereditary blood disease, Dimitrescu was converted into a vampire by the deity “Mother Miranda,” and was granted eternal life.

However, since she had a preexisting blood disease, turning into a vampire made it so she had to consume massive amounts of blood to sustain herself  —  this is what resulted in her little growth spurt. 

According to the game's art director, Tomonori Takano, with ther wide-brimmed hat and high heels she stands at 9’6” (2.9m) tall.

5. She’s a caring mother.

Her three “daughters,” Daniela, Bela, and Cassandra, aren’t actually her daughters at all. They’re women that she successfully mutated shortly after she became a vampire, and there’s good news  —  they’re all as metal as she is. 

They help her with her winery and firing process, and also torment Ethan Winters and the staff at the castle. When Winters inevitably has to fight her daughters, Alcina vows to kill him for hurting her family. She really does care.

6. The inspiration behind her character is not very surprising.

In an interview with USA Today, it’s revealed that art director Tomonori Takano had several inspirations for the powerful Lady Dimitrescu.

Anjelica Huston’s Morticia Addams from the Addams family, as well as Elizabeth Báthory, a Hungarian noblewoman from the 16th Century who was labeled by the Guinness World Records to be one of the most prolific serial killers throughout history  —  known for targeting young women. 

Makes sense that these two strong (and scary) women helped inspire the character.

7. Dimitrescu is a historical name derived from Greek Goddess Demeter.

Hopping into a little vampire history with this one, Dimitrescu is actually a common last name in some parts of Eastern Europe, specifically Romania.

Romania, which is uncoincidentally the location the game takes place in, is home to a lot of vampiric history, including Transylvania and the home of Vlad the Impaler.

Demeter is the Goddess of harvest and agriculture, and it inspires the name Dimitrescu because our villain is: 1. A vampire in Romania, and, 2. harvesting the blood from farmers in villages around her castle. It’s a double entendre.

8. She’s hard to stay away from.

She ruthlessly hunts for you with her claw-like fingernails all over her castle while you try to escape. Not just in the game, but on social media too. Well, maybe without the claws.

She’s an impactful character and is memorably fleshed out better than most Resident Evil villains, which enhances the game’s story experience.

Despite being a villain and her somewhat cruel demeanor, there’s a lot to like about Lady Dimitrescu; she holds a lot of power in the Eastern European region, has her own business, and gets things done. 

Not to mention she’s also an incredibly dominant woman who leaves people everywhere lusting over her and wishing she would step on them  —  and they aren’t joking. There’s something to be said when a powerful female character shakes the predominantly male gaming community like this.

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