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11 LGBTQ+ Reality Stars Who Are Our Top Picks For The First Queer 'Bachelor' Or 'Bachelorette'

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Kristian Haggerty Demi Burnett

Queer visibility in reality TV has been expanding and improving over the last few decades, but mainstream programs like ABC’s Bachelor franchise still have a long way to go when it comes to representing the LGBTQ+ community.

When Colton Underwood came out as gay, he sparked discussion of a gay season or spinoff within the Bachelor nation.

But fans have hoped for future installments that foreground all manner of sexually diverse individuals.

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While these further steps will likely be a long time coming, we can still fantasize about the cast of a potential queer take on the popular dating program.

Here are our top picks for the first queer installment of ABC’s The Bachelor or The Bachelorette (or, hear me out, just “The Bach”):

1. Francesca Farago

Farago rose to fame following her role in Netflix’s 2020 reality dating show "Too Hot to Handle," where she was a fan favorite due to her stunning looks and authentic attitude. She has since been romantically linked to numerous public figures, both male and female.

The influencer’s former flirtations include Jay Alvarez and Tana Mongeau, and she recently split from fellow reality star Demi Sims after a brief but close relationship.

If anyone can captivate audiences with another shot at love in the public eye, it’s Francesca Farago!

2. Demi Burnett

Burnett was eliminated from Underwood’s stint on "The Bachelor" but went on to make history on "Bachelor in Paradise" the same year; when she and Kristian Haggerty became the first same-sex couple in the franchise.The pair went their separate ways shortly after the show aired, and Burnett is not currently in a public relationship.

The 24-year-old reality star has said that she does not label her sexuality, rather, “I just like who I like. It doesn't matter who or what you are, it's the person.”

Fans of the sexually fluid stunner would love to see Burnett take another shot at queer love in the same franchise in which she pioneered it.

3. Dani Campbell

Campbell rose to popularity in 2007 on "A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila," the first bisexual dating show on MTV. Unfortunately, the show perpetuated stereotypes about the LGBTQ+ community, and its star later retracted her bisexuality and condemned same-sex relationships.

Nonetheless, Campbell’s good looks and confidence made her an icon and sex symbol within the lesbian community.

Many 2000s nostalgics would love to see Campbell return to the screen in a dating series that finally provides proper representation.

4. Kai Wes

Wes appeared in the eighth season of MTV’s "Are You the One?" but failed to emerge with a lasting romantic connection.

The transmasculine non-binary contestant gained a reputation as a bit of a playboy and admitted that they “had some lessons to learn” at the time of their reality TV debut.

Re-entering the spotlight for a queer spinoff in the Bachelor nation would be the perfect way for Wes to showcase their character development, and perhaps find true love this time around.

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5. Jaimi King

King appeared on Nick Viall’s season of "The Bachelor" in 2017, becoming the show’s first openly bisexual contestant. She has said that she is attracted to all genders, not just men and women, but uses the label of bisexual would she would like to encourage a more “positive connotation” around bisexuality.

Of the Bachelor nation’s attempts to diversify, King said, “it needs to evolve a little more before it's more real…. Slowly but surely, it'll get there, hopefully.”

A queer installment would be a step in the right direction for the franchise, and we’re sure King would be proud to be a part of such growth.

6. Noah Purvis

Purvis was introduced late in the second season of Love Island USA, but he was famously dismissed from the villa after it was discovered that he had previously performed in gay porn. The decision was controversial, with many viewers accusing the show’s producers of being homophobic and prejudiced against sex workers.

Although he has not publicly announced his sexuality, it is widely speculated that Purvis swings both ways, and a queer Bachelor run would be the perfect comeback for the disgraced reality TV contestant.

7. Kylie Smith

Smith also appeared on the eighth season of "Are You The One?" and wowed audiences with her beauty, with singer Kehlani even claiming to be crushing on the contestant.

Smith received relatively little screen time on AYTO, and we would love a chance to get to know her better on a mainstream queer dating show.

8. Basit Shittu

Another fan favorite from the latest installment of AYTO, Shittu is known for their unique style and drag alter-ego Dionne Slay.

The TV personality emphasized the importance of queer representation in an interview.

“The heterosexual community has had plenty of representation in, I would say, almost all dating shows that have ever existed in the history of television,” Shittu said. “People who identify like us, which is a large group of people, need to see themselves on TV.”

Shittu would definitely support a reality series that increased LGBTQ+ visibility — and, hopefully, star in it!

9. Michael Gunning

Gunning, a competitive swimmer from Jamaica, appeared on Courtney Act’s bisexual dating show "The Bi Life" in 2018. The athlete ended up coming out as gay on the show after exploring his sexuality for the first time.

He expressed hope for enhancing queer visibility in his home country, saying, “if I can inspire young Jamaican or Caribbean athletes to be themselves then I’m definitely doing the right thing.”

A stint on another queer reality show would allow Gunning to further exemplify positive representation for his demographic.

10. Lex Liang

Liang, a fashion designer living in New York City, appeared on the first season of Netflix’s Dating Around.

The self-described “Gaysian” discussed the importance of Asian representation in romantic roles during an interview with Time magazine. “The only thing we can do” to combat negative stereotypes about the Asian community, Liang said, “is to keep that exposure high.”

The presence of a gay Asian man in the Bachelor nation would certainly help increase such exposure — even more so if Liang were to find love!

11. Angie Kent

Kent was the face of The Bachelorette Australia’s fifth season in 2019 and later came out as pansexual on the Kyle and Jackie O Show.

In the rather invasive radio interview, host Kyle Sandilands questioned Kent excessively about her same-sex experiences, displaying an exploitative and fetishizing view of queer identity.

Appearing on a queer version of the ABC hit show she already starred in would give Kent a chance to take the narrative of her sexual orientation into her own hands.

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