What Happens When A Girl Like Me Falls For A Boy Like You

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By Brittany Christopoulos

When a girl like me falls for a boy like you, she see’s nothing but the positive in you.

She believes you can do no wrong and that you benefit her. And she believes in you when everyone else doesn’t, despite being told by every one of her closest friends she’s known for years.

When a girl like me falls for a boy like you, she becomes enchanted by your charm and wit.

Your great personality is extremely attractive, and you say all the right things to get her where you want her. She believes she’s the happiest she’s ever been.

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When a girl like me falls for a boy like you, she makes you her top priority.

Work doesn’t matter, friendships are pushed aside, and family is almost inexistent in her world, because you are all she’s come to care about. She is so absorbed in you.

When a girl like me falls for a boy like you, she falls for every single word you say.

She doesn’t see the careless whispers for what they are: meaningless. She believes you when you say she’s beautiful and that she’s the only one who has your heart. Your words mean more to her than anyone else’s.

When a girl like me falls for a boy like you, she sees the future in your eyes.

You make promises you have zero intentions of keeping just so you can keep her around for a while. But she doesn’t see that.

She see’s a huge wedding with the people you love surrounding you with support, and a perfect family in the dream house you build together. She doesn’t envision anything less, unlike you, who only sees her as a temporary fix.

When a girl like me falls for a boy like you, she becomes submissive to your commands.

She has no opinion or say. She loses her back bone in fear of disappointing you, or the fear of turning you off. She gives you control of her heart while you abuse that power.

When a girl like me falls for a boy like you, she often feels disappointment.

You blew her off again for your friends last minute and she’s devastated she doesn’t get to see you like you promised. She says “it’s okay,” but it’s the farthest thing from it. Your distance only crushes her more, yet at the end of the day she acts as if nothing’s wrong like the soldier she is and continues to fight her own thoughts.

When a girl like me falls for a boy like you, she begins to feel so small.

The pressure you put on her becomes unattainable and she’s starting to crumble in your hands. She can’t maintain this image for any longer. She’s lying to herself — and better yet, she’s lying to you. This mask is starting to chisel off piece by piece.

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When a girl like me falls for a boy like you, she loses her sense of self and she doesn’t recognize who she is anymore.

Her identity has completely shifted and the emotions she started to suppress suddenly explode out of her body. She’s pushed to her limit. Everything becomes overwhelming to her and she breaks down almost hourly because of you.

She’s anxious of every single aspect of her life and cautious of every move she makes. Walking on eggshells can only be tolerated for so long, and she’s just done.

When a girl like me falls for a boy like you, she is left heartbroken and alone.

Blindsided by your final move in the game you’ve been playing, and it looks like you’re the winner. You’ve played this game before and know the strategy to always come on top. You’re well experienced in this craft, and she’s left feeling stupid, embarrassed, worthless, and in tears in her best friend’s arms, not yours.

You see, when a girl like me falls for another boy like you, she won’t fall for his games.

She’ll question every move he makes in fear the same thing will happen again. You might have damaged her heart and absolutely tore her to shreds, but she will never do that again.

You were nothing but a lesson to her: a lesson that guys like you will never be good enough or worthy for women like her. And boys like you will be stuck playing the same game over and over while she’s finally found what she thought she had with you.

She is not the victim you once made her. She becomes the warrior.

Girls like me are better off without boys like you. And boys like you will never be good enough for strong and independent women like me.

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Brittany Christopoulos is a writer, journalist and fill-in TV co-host. She's a Senior Writer and Head of Trending News for Unwritten. Follow her on Twitter.

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