Is Emma Watson Retiring From Acting? Inside The Rumors The 'Harry Potter' Actress Is Leaving Hollywood

Is she going to come back?

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Beloved actress Emma Watson has been admired and adored by celebs and fans alike since her breakout role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise.

And since the 30-year-old actress has been gracing the big screen since she was a preteen, it's safe to say that she's likely used to being the subject of rumors running rampant in Tinseltown.

It's no secret that rumors spread like wildfire, and this time is no different, as social media has gone on a frenzy since reports have come out saying that the iconic Emma Watson is retiring from acting.


Is Emma Watson retiring from acting?

Read on for the inside scoop on the rumors surrounding the British actress, including rumored the reason why she's taking a step back from the spotlight.

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Rumor has it that Watson is taking a step back from acting to focus on her personal life.

DailyMail reports that Watson has become "dormant" according to her agent. Which, in Hollywood terms, means that she has put acting aside. 

They also report that she has, in fact, stepped back to spend time with her rumored fiancé, Leo Robinton, whom she’s been dating since Oct. 2019. 

Watson has been living in Los Angeles since January. She moved from Ibiza, Spain, where she reportedly was living in secret for a while. 

Her publicist reportedly said that she "is not taking on new commitments."

Of course, nothing is set in stone, as nothing has been said from Watson herself, and she can just as easily "unretire" if she desires.


It is a bit shocking, however, that this rumor is even being talked about since most just assumed that Watson would be an actress her whole life.

Many grew up watching her on the big screen and have connections with her character, Hermione Granger, from the Harry Potter series. 

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Who is Emma Watson’s fiancé, Leo Robinton?

Watson and Robinton were first spotted in public, kissing, back in October of 2019. It is unclear when the two got engaged; however, Watson was first spotted with what looks like an engagement band/ring at the beginning of February 2021.

It is said that the two met through close friends at The Ivy Restaurant, in St. John’s Wood in London.

Leo Robinton was born in Los Angeles. He’s an American businessman who used to specialize in selling legal marijuana.

Not many people know about much their relationship, as they like to keep it pretty private. Robinton is rumored to have deactivated his social media accounts to protect their relationship. 


It is clear that the two have at least one thing in common, which is that they both believe in women’s rights. Robinton was seen at a Women’s March in Washington D.C. with his sister, Daisy Robinton.

Although not much is known about the couple or Robinton himself, it speaks volumes to their relationship that Watson would leave acting behind for a bit to focus on spending time with her fiancé.

The rumors caused quite a stir on social media.

Upon the rumors of Watson’s decision to "retire" from acting, social media exploded as fans expressed their sadness and appreciation for Watson.


“I did NOT expect to wake up and read that Emma Watson is retiring from acting but she’s doing what’s best for her so i can’t really complain. thank you for giving us so many great performances,” one Twitter user wrote.

Watson is most known for her iconic roles in the Harry Potter movies that included eight films over the span of 10 years. Since then, she has starred in blockbuster movies such as Beauty and the Beast, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Little Women.

It’s obvious that Watson doesn’t have to worry about where her next check will be coming from, as she reportedly has a net worth of over $80 million

As much as it’s a great thing she has decided to spend time and focus her attention on her relationship, we all hope she will make a return soon to the big screen, as fans will definitely miss her presence on-screen.


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