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Dying Doctor's 'Dream Come True' After He Receives Invite To Watch Tom Brady Play In Super Bowl

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Doctor Super Bowl

A Michigan doctor was granted his dying wish last week, when he received tickets to attend the 2021 Super Bowl in Tampa, Florida.

Brian Lane is a Urological Oncologist for Spectrum Health Systems. He received his M.D. and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 2002 and attended the school at the same time as Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, of whom he is a longtime fan. 

Lane was diagnosed with two kinds of cancer in 2018 when he was only 44 years old. He was lucky enough to receive effective treatment and enter a long period of remission. 

However, tragically, the survivor learned last month after a routine scan that not only had his illness returned, but it had spread to his chest wall and possibly his bones. Lane was told he had only about a year to live. 

The news “rocked my world,” the doctor has said.

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Brian has always found comfort in his love of sports, and says that the passion provided him with “the chance for some escape.” 

Lane has only attended a few professional games in his life, but says he has always dreamed of attending the Super Bowl. After receiving the painful news, the doctor decided to try his best to reach the lifelong goal before time ran out.

“It just felt like I could just give up hope and just sit here and be sad, or I could reach out and see,” Lane told ABC’s 13 On Your Side

Brian contacted the NFL to explain his position, and requested tickets to the 2021 Super Bowl.

“The NFL playoffs have coincided perfectly with my need for entertainment and watching great competitions,” the doctor wrote. He seems to feel that fate aligned the events in order to give him solace during the painful time

Lane also revealed that his mother resides in the Tampa Bay area, and is currently recovering from COVID, and expressed hope to visit her during the trip.

When he sent his message to the NFL, Brian never expected to receive a response. But on Jan. 27th, the extraordinary happened: a representative for the League asked Lane to confirm his vaccinations so that his request could be approved. 

Lane was ecstatic.

“I’m just another guy,” the doctor declared in disbelief. “It's mind-blowing that I could go to the Super Bowl and that somebody would care about me and would hear my story." 

As of Jan. 30, the tickets have been confirmed, and Brian can’t wait to attend the game and watch Brady play.

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“It's nice to see that there can be a silver lining in the middle of this darkness,” he said. “This is a dream come true.”

It would appear that Brian Lane truly deserves this bit of good fortune amidst the bleak news of his prognosis. 

Lane is a widely respected doctor and has been providing much-needed care since 2009. His patients at Spectrum Health have referred to him as “down to earth and professional,” “very friendly,” and “genuinely concerned.”

“(Lane) and his staff are my rock,” praised one struggling patient.

Another called him an “excellent surgeon” and a “wonderful human being.”

A GoFundMe campaign has been organized by Brian’s friend and colleague Susan Linsell to raise money for Brian’s family and his medical bills.

“Brian has spent years working tirelessly to care for patients with urologic cancer,” Linsell’s description reads. “Now it is our turn to help him.”

The campaign has surpassed its goal, raising over twenty thousand dollars in just three days.

One donor explained his devotion to the cause, commenting, “Brian is perhaps the most positive person I've ever met. And we met a loooong time ago, but he retains the title to this day.”

When he learned he was dying, Brian Lane thought about what he wanted to do with the time he had left, and miraculously found a way to make it happen. He is remaining positive and focusing on the joy of achieving his dream.

The doctor told interviewers that “you either live to live or you live to die.”

In his final months, Lane has chosen the former.

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