Sex, Lies & The Super Bowl: Is The Big Game A Dream Date?

Some eyebrow-raising facts about sex and the Super Bowl.

super bowl

Super Bowl or sex? Seems like a no-brainer to most men, especially once this Sunday rolls around. But a recent survey by Wet personal lubricants found that more than 90% of participants would rather miss the biggest game of them all than abstain from sex for a month. Seems to make sense: One night is one thing, but a whole month is a completely different story.

But that's not all. Wet also found that: 

  • 36% of people have better sex after their partner's favorite sports team wins a big game. But what the sex is like after a loss is what we really want to know...angry? Non-existent? Here's our guy editor Tom's take on post-win sex: "Do you remember when that sailor kissed the nurse in Times Square after WWII? That's what we feel like after every big win by our team. And, frankly, since we have zero ability to affect the outcome of the game, there is such an intense feeling of relief after winning that we have to transfer our passion somewhere. Ideally, it's to a wife or girlfriend. If they're not available and all the champagne has been drunk, we still have ourselves." Okay, you learn something new every day.
  • 15% of people responded that Tom Brady is the sexiest NFL player, compared to 9% for Eli Manning. I don't know, I kind of like Eli's boyish grin. Check out this photo gallery of the hottest Giants and Patriots players!
  • About 70% of people have used sports terms (score, touchdown, second base) to describe sex acts. (And 100% of men, we bet.)
  • Almost 65% of participants said that they've tried to lure their partner away from watching a big game in exchange for some romantic activity (100% of them were women, we bet).

And if you want even more crazy facts about the Super Bowl, consider this: 91% of single women surveyed by dating site consider the Super Bowl a "dream date." Check out Zoosk's infographic on The Huffington Post: Women Consider The Super Bowl A "Dream Date," Says Dating Site


Sound off: Would you go on a Super Bowl-watching date?

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