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Trump's Demise Is A Critical Reminder That Narcissists Devour Those Closest To Them First

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Trump's Demise Is A Critical Reminder That Narcissists Devour Those Closest To Them First

Flying monkeys. 

That's what I saw today on TV. Did you see them, too?

I saw flying monkeys, sent by Trump, swagger down to our nation's Capitol building to do his bidding.

Wednesday was certainly interesting for all of us in the U.S. and everyone all over the world watching our personal, patriotic, transfer of power mess .... wow — what a long day. And what a long day coming.

I’m particularly interested In what we are witnessing with Mike Pence — but maybe not for the reasons you might assume.

I am watching and hearing many people applaud Pence's bravery to stand up to Trump. Many are clapping their hands and giving him a gold star for "finally getting it right." I agree with these sentiments — I'm glad he spoke out. I am glad he stood up.

But what I am really noticing is a little different angle on the situation.

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I am reminded today that it does not matter how close you think you are to someone or how closely you align yourself to them.

It does not matter how many times you have defended them or proven your loyalty or re-explained to others what they "should have said" or "really meant" so that they don't look like the complete ignorant asshole that they really are.

I am reminded that with malignant narcissists, like Donald Trump, you are merely "supply" to be used to further their agenda.

They do not listen. They do not see you. Narcissists view people as vending machines ... they view relationships as vending machines.

Mike Pence has been exactly "that" type of "supply" for Donald a thousand times over these last 4 years ... "supply that was used". 

Pence might have thought that there was a reservoir of emotional capital being built up for all the times he had carefully crafted, defended and managed Donald's image and creatively finessed his idiocy into something more palatable for public consumption. Sad, but no.

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What we collectively witnessed on Wednesday was not so different than how every other narcissistic relationship ends: the ultimate discard of a "used-up source".

When Pence no longer served Donald's agenda, when he stood up for himself, his role, and our country's process, he was thrown under the bus and fed to the wolves.

And now, he has extra “armed security detail”, as the current sitting Vice-President of the United States of America in order to protect him from crackpot, crazy, “flying monkeys” that follow and heed Trump's Twitter feed — which Trump has since been banned from.

And let’s remember how often and for how long Mike Pence has stood right next to Donald as his right-hand man.

I bet he felt safe there. Thought he was safe right next to him ... in that delusional castle.

I know I certainly did, in a similar situation.

It's an important lesson to note: Narcissists devour those closest to them.

No friendship, no relationship, no partnership, and no marriage survives this type of dynamic.

But our country will.

I hope we will.

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Tiffany McPherson is a psychotherapist, mother, sister and friend. Curator of courage, miner of clarity and seeker of truth in the feminine journey. Find her at Innerclaritycounseling.com.