Alex Padilla To Replace Kamala Harris In California Senate — Meet His Wife, Angela Padilla

The woman standing behind Alex Padilla all the way to the Senate.

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California politician Alex Padilla is set to take Kamala Harris’ seat in the Senate.

December 22 was a big day for the Padilla family as Governor Gavin Newsom appointed California Secretary Of State Alex Padilla to the Senate in a tearful video call. Padilla honored his late mother while agreeing to fill Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ seat.  

Padilla is known for his work on voting reformimproving healthcare accessibility, and environmental protection


He is also a family man with proud Mexican roots. His parents, who both emigrated to the US from Mexico, are a source of inspiration in his fight to make democracy more inclusive of minorities. 

His wife and children are also an important part of his story as he begins this journey of representing California in Washington. 

Who is Alex Padilla's wife, Angela Padilla?

Here’s a look into the life of Alex Padilla’s wife, Angela Padilla, and her work advocating for reform in mental health services. 


Angela Padilla is a mother of three.

Alex Padilla and his wife Angela share three sons together: Roman, age 13, Alex Jr., age 7, and Diego, age 5. Padilla regularly shares snaps to his Instagram page wishing his children happy birthday, gushing over his wife, and sharing adorable holiday snaps.

While Angela doesn’t have her own public social media, she is no stranger to appearing in public with her boys to show support to her husband. She even stood on stage with Alex and their young son back in 2015 when he was sworn in as California Secretary Of State.


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She was born and raised in California. 

Angela was born in San Fernando Valley, California where she has lived for all her life. 

She attended Canoga Park High School, earned an Associate's degree from Los Angeles Pierce College, and obtained her Bachelor's degree from California State University Northridge. 

The Padilla family lives in the San Fernando Valley to this day but a relocation could be on the cards now that Alex is joining the Senate. 

She has a degree in psychology.

After growing up with a single mother living with bipolar and schizoaffective disorders, Angela Padilla began consuming mental health information at a young age in order to help care for her mother. This prompted her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. 


Having seen first hand how difficult it is for people to access the information they need when dealing with mental health disorders, she was compelled to obtain this qualification in order to help others. 

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Angela and Alex have been married for eight years.

Angela, who’s maiden name is Monzon, married Alex back in 2012 in a Los Angeles wedding ceremony with many California politicians in attendance. 

The couple had been dating for many years prior to their nuptials. As an ode to their heritage, Alex and Angela honeymooned in Mexico after the wedding. In April 2020, Alex shared a throwback photo of their wedding in celebration of the couple’s 8-year anniversary. 


She's a mental health activist.

Padilla is the president of a mental health organization called FundaMental Change


This initiative offers resources, information, and support to people living with mental illness, and lobbies policymakers to improve mental health services and laws. 

Angela Padilla remembers witnessing her mother in crisis for the first time when she was only 3 years old so knows the importance of mental health services for individuals and families.

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