UK Model Claims Designer Alexander Wang Drugged, Groped And Raped Him In 2017

Numerous male and trans models have come forward.

Alexander Wang Faces Sexual Assault Allegations lev radin / Shutterstock

Numerous people have come forward with allegations that Alexander Wang sexually assaulted, drugged, and groped victims in New York City nightclubs and fashion industry afterparties. 

The 37-year-old fashion designer is best known for his eponymous fashion label and partying with famous fashion industry faces. He counts Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid among his close friends but is no stranger to controversy. 


In 2012, he faced sweatshop allegations in a $50 million lawsuit.

In 2017, fans were outraged that Wang cast R. Kelly in an ad campaign despite the numerous sexual assault and child pornography allegations surrounding the singer

However, new claims reveal Wang’s own sexual misconduct. While models and celebrities were wishing Wang a happy birthday with adoring comments and posts on December 26, one victim was remembering Wang for a very different reason. 


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A male model has come forward with Alexander Wang sexual assault allegations.

Fashion watchdog Diet Prada compiled the evidence stacked against Wang after a model came forward with sexual assault allegations. 

Owen Mooney, a male model from the UK, posted a series of TikToks in the days after Wang’s birthday detailing his assault. He claims Wang groped him in a crowded NYC nightclub in 2017. Trapped in the crowd, Mooney was shocked and unable to move away from Wang as he groped him. 


Later in the night, Wang made another unwanted advance before Mooney again had to get away from him. While Mooney initially kept Wang anonymous, upon hearing other allegations against the designer, he later revealed his identity in the hopes that it would bring an end to Wang’s abuse.

Mooney stated, “People with this type of status think that their power gives them this type of pass to be able to do this to people but it’s so wrong”. He also spoke of how the incident has been a difficult memory to bear ever since it occurred. 

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More victims are sharing their experiences with Wang.

After Mooney shared his experience, more victims reached out to Shit Model Management, an account dedicated to exposing the seedy underbelly of the fashion industry. 


The allegations range from Alexander Wang drugging fellow partygoers to aggressively trying to force others into engaging in sexual acts. One victim describes waking up naked beside Wang after he had forced him to drink excessive amounts of alcohol. 

Another talks about being admitted into a psych unit after Wang had slipped large amounts of MDMA into their drink. The victim had a not-yet-diagnosed bipolar disorder, and the drugs sent them into a psychosis, hospitalizing them for weeks.


Azealia Banks first called attention to Wang’s predatorial behavior last year.

Disturbingly, these kinds of allegations have been circulating around Alexander Wang for quite some time. 

In late 2018, rapper Azealia Banks posted a series of Instagram stories with anonymous messages from followers who claimed to have witnessed or been assaulted by Wang. These claims have been brushed under the red carpets of New York’s fashion events for years.  

Many of the allegations came from trans women who spoke of being groped and involuntarily stripped by Wang and interior designer Ryan Korban. 


Too often when men and trans victims come forward with sexual assault allegations, their claims are dismissed or not taken seriously which only also perpetrators to continue this kind of abuse. Mooney has already shared some of the backlash he has received from people suggesting he made up the story for attention.  

Alexander Wang has not yet commented on either the 2018 allegations or the most recent claims. 

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