30 Happy Birthday In Heaven Quotes For The Person You Miss Dearly

happy birthday in heaven quotes

Death may physically take someone from you, but it can never take them from your heart and your memories.

Although lost loved ones are missed every day, their presence in our minds is amplified on their birthdays, and these happy birthday in heaven quotes will help you remember your loved one and celebrate the lasting impression they made on you.

Even after death, birthdays are a perfect opportunity to remember the lost loved one and celebrate their life. Sometimes the words can be hard to find, to express just how much we love and miss them and want to honor their memory.

Here is a list of birthday wishes for your loved ones who have passed to say in a prayer, post with your favorite picture with them, or to say at their resting place. 

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Birthday wishes for friends you still think of every day

1. “Death can only take you away from me, but it can never take the precious bond and memories we made together. Dear friend, wishing you floods of happiness in heaven.”

2. “Thoughts of you do not make me cry, they rather make me smile and fill my soul with happiness because I know you are peacefully resting in heaven.”

3. “We had many marvelous birthday celebrations while you were here with us. Today, you celebrate without your earthly friends, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t loving and wishing you all the best from back here on earth.”

4. “Not a single day passes by that my mind isn’t filled with phenomenal memories of your presence here on earth. On your birthday today, I wish you a sunny day in paradise.”

5. “Though sad to know that you’re no more, I feel happy because I strongly believe you’re having so much fun in heaven. I can’t wait to meet you again, my dearest friend!”

6. “Your birthday is here, but you aren’t. I’d send a gift, but I know I can’t. So I’ll make a wish upon a star to carry my love to where you are.”

7. “In memory and in celebration of someone who made this world a brighter and better place.”

8. “Have a heavenly birthday! I’m sending these balloons to Heaven to celebrate your life.”

9. “For all of the fun and love that we shared, I still wish you a Happy Birthday although you’re not here.”

10. “Oh, dear sweet and beloved friend of mine, life just isn’t the same without you here to celebrate your B-Day. Don’t worry, though. We will be sure to eat some cake and ice cream for you.”

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Happy birthday in heaven quotes for parents

11. “Mom, you may be gone today, but your love and memories are forever saved in my heart. Enjoy your special day in heaven, sweet Mom!”

12. “Whether near or far, my father’s birthday will always be a day of thankfulness. Thank you for being my everything, and I hope your celestial birthday is as bright and beautiful as you made life for me.”

13. “Happy birthday in Heaven, dear Mom. I miss your lovely voice, your heartwarming smiles, and every single thing about you.”

14. “Though you are no longer with me in this world, you are always in my heart. I am thankful for all you were to me. Mommy, I truly love you with every fiber of my being!”

15. “My beloved dad, we are celebrating the day you were born even though you’re so far away. I miss you daily, but even more on the day your life was given.”

16. “Wishing you the happiest birthday in heaven from your child that loves you so much from below. May your day be serene and all your worries at ease.”

17. “Despite the fact that my heart still aches for your sudden departure, the bright lights that you left in my life shall continue shining brighter and brighter each day. Wishing you a happy birthday in Heaven, Dad!”

18. “Lasting memories of your loving ways and tender kindnesses carry me through the days without you. It’s why, even though you aren’t here, I can smile on my mother’s birthday knowing she’s making heaven an even more joyous place to be.”

19. “It was only a matter of time before heaven reclaimed such a treasure as you, my dear sweet daddy. May your heavenly birthday be rich with pure serenity.”

20. “As you make merry with the angels above in commemoration of your Big Day, don’t forget that down here on earth, our hearts love you and miss you so much. All the same, have fun in heaven! Happy birthday, Mom.”

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Birthday wishes for a sibling whose teasing you actually miss

21. “Though I can’t see or hear you, I feel you and sincerely believe you are always with me guiding and protecting me like you have always done. Happy birthday, brother! Miss you so much!”

22. “Though you’ve been away for some time now, I still find it unbelievable how such a wonderful sister like you could leave me in a cold world like this. I will forever love and cherish everything we did together till we meet again. Happy birthday in heaven, dear sister!”

23. “From the rowdy and funny to gentle and loving, each memory with you is a treasure that I’m sifting through like pages in a book as I celebrate the life you lived. Happy, happy, happy birthday to you, my dear brother.”

24. “The bond between siblings can never be broken, not even in death. Know that I feel the peace and happiness you’re experiencing on your heavenly birthday, even from so far away. All my love to you this day and every day.”

25. “My soul hurts in wishing my sister a beautiful and bountiful birthday from so very far away. My comfort, however, is in knowing that someday she and I will celebrate together again under heaven’s delight.”

26. “We had wonderful experiences during your precious life on earth. Those memories with you will never fade away because they are my most treasured possession. Have a beautiful birthday celebration in heaven, sweet brother!”

27. “Birthday cake, balloons, and gifts can’t last forever, and they certainly can’t be taken to the next life. But, what you, my lovely brother, did take with you for eternity is my love. Death can’t part that, and it will never stop me from saying happy birthday.”

28. “Sister, life is hard to find cause for celebration since you joined the heavens. Yet, today, I feel overwhelmed with peace and happiness as I imagine you celebrating a very special heavenly birthday.”

29. “Dearest brother, you might no longer be physically present in this world, but you are still my strength, support and backbone of all my accomplishments. I will forever consider myself the luckiest person in the world to have had such a great time with a wonderful brother like you.

30. “Side by side, or worlds apart, sisters will always be connected by the heart. Happy birthday, sister.”

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