How To Cheer Someone Up When You Can't See Them In Person

We could all use a boost these days.

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Everyone needs a little pick-me-up from time to time.

Unfortunately, it can be really difficult to figure out how to cheer someone up, especially now when you can't be as close as you want to be.

Because of the pandemic and trying to keep each other safe, hugs are now no longer something you can do without thinking.

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For anyone in your life who’s feeling down or having a hard time, it's important to know what you can do to help make their day a little brighter.

Here are some greats tips and ideas for how to cheer someone up.

1. Write them a letter.

Just a simple note, either handwritten or by email. You can even send an ecard!

2. Send them a gift.

A little something to remind someone you love them and you're thinking of them is an easy kindness. And if you can't afford to buy something, feel free to DIY something incredible too.

3. Tell them you love them.

Everyone wants to hear this from time to time.

4. Listen to them.

Maybe they just need to vent a little. An ear to bend could be helpful.


5. Create a list of 100 reasons you love them.

Or just a few if you're out of time!

6. Go for a socially-distanced walk with them.

Six feet apart won't stop you from enjoying conversations and laughing.

7. Tag them in funny videos.

Whether it's on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, send them clips they'll love and tag them in others!

8. Make lists of what you're grateful for together.

It's been proven that gratitude can actually make you feel happier, so doing this together could be a fun exercise!

9. Remind them of fun memories together.

Share your best stories!

10. Call them on the phone.

Sometimes hearing a voice is better than texting.

11. Snapchat them.

Funny faces and hysterical filters will make anyone laugh.


12. Text them that you are thinking of them.

Just a reminder that you're thinking of them will make them feel good.

13. Make them a playlist.

Share your favorite music together! You can even create a joint YouTube or Spotify playlist.

14. Bake them their favorite treat.

Everyone loves homemade baked goods. If you can, get to baking and then leave the finished product on their porch so they can enjoy!

15. Make them a homecooked meal.

Pick your favorite, make a little extra, and share!

16. Tell them how much you miss them.

It would make you feel good, right? Remind them you're thinking about them.

17. Order flowers delivered to their house.

Or if you're close enough, choose some of your own, or buy some from the store and leave them on their doorstep.


18. Surprise them with their favorite takeout delivered to them.

Chinese? Pizza? Sushi? Whatever they like, send it their way.

19. Send cute pictures of animals to them.

Cute kitties? Yes, please.

20. Ask them how they are and listen to what they have to say.

Have a deep conversation. You never know when someone might be struggling.

21. Send them inspiring quotes.

Everyone loves to read meaningful and inspirational quotes, and these might make them feel better.

22. Watch a new show together.

Pick a new one or an old favorite.

23. Send them funny videos.

Laughter is truly an amazing medicine.

24. Plan future trips together.

Just because you can't go anywhere now, doesn't mean you can't plan for the future.


25. Talk about your hopes and dreams.

You might find something you have in common.

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26. Send them an Edible Arrangement.

Healthy and fun!

27. FaceTime them.

Say hello face-to-face!

28. Make them a homemade gift.

Show off your amazing skills.

29. Tell them that you are there for them.

And truly mean it.

30. Talk about your favorite memory of them.

They mean a lot to you, and this will mean a lot to them.

31. Run errands together.

On the phone, if you can't do it together for safety reasons.

32. Compliment them.

Giving a compliment will not only make them feel better, but you too!

34. Workout together.

Exercise will increase endorphins, which will make you feel happier together.


35. Bring them their favorite drink.

Alcoholic or not, they'll appreciate it.

36. Remind them their feelings are important.

Don't let them push their feelings aside.

37. Try one of their favorite hobbies together.

Play some video games, or maybe work on a puzzle.

38. Tell them a joke.

What happened when the grape crossed the road? There was a traffic jam. Share some corny fun with them!

39. Send a selfie.

Serious or funny, your pick.

40. Play 20 Questions.

This doubles as a fun game and conversation!


41. Distract them.

Sometimes you just need to get your mind off of things.

42. Be empathetic.

Really pay attention to what they're going through.

43. Don’t try and make it about you.

Leave yourself out of it!

44. Don’t push them if they don’t want to talk.

Shared silence can be a good expression of love as well.

45. Good-naturedly prank them.

Nothing that will hurt or scare someone; just make them laugh.

46. Give them a fun nickname.

The goofier the better.

47. Bring up inside jokes.

Ridiculous stories you can share are always the best.

48. Give advice if necessary.

But be kind.

49. Plan to meet up ASAP.

Only as long as it's safe and you can practice healthy social distancing.


50. Check in with them as often as possible.

A little reminder now and again will be a great sign of love and appreciation.

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