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Do Bill Clinton And Hillary Clinton Have An Open Marriage? Theories About Their 'Business' Relationship

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Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s relationship has been under a microscope since his cheating scandal with White House intern Monica Lewinsky came to light in the late ‘90s.

Since then, the couple’s been plagued with rumors about their relationship, and although it’s been more than three decades since Lewinsky and Clinton’s affair made worldwide headlines, Bill and Hillary Clinton are still going strong as a couple.

At least, that’s what the couple wants the world to think, according to some skeptical social media users who think the Clintons’ relationship is just for show.

Do Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have an open marriage?

Let’s investigate. 

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One Reddit user theorized that Bill and Hillary Clinton “barely coexist” with one another.

In a thread on the social media hub, one user alleged that the two prominent American politicians spend almost no time together, and their marriage is just for show.

“Bill and Hillary Clinton barely even coexist, they live two completely separate lives that are anything but an actual marriage except in name,” they wrote.

“It’s a business, political strategy, and co-parenting partnership.” another user wrote, adding that Bill Clinton allegedly had a “longer-term” girlfriend in 2011:

“My old boss has a house in Water Mill, Long Island (Hamptons), and Bill owns the house next door. At the time I worked for him, in 2011, he told me that Bill had a longer term girlfriend and that house was their meeting place.

My boss saw her come and go constantly. She was in her 40s or so and fit/pretty/elegant. Like not out of place at a country club, type of look.”

That info sparked a conversation about whether the Clintons had an open marriage.

“See I always assumed they had some sort of open marriage deal, especially back during the whole Lewinsky thing,” one user wrote.

Another said, “I always thought it was more of a ‘Do your thing but don't embarrass me’ kind of arrangement rather than straight up open,” another user alleged. “The most important thing is keeping up the facade of a strong marriage for political purposes.”

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Mark Penn, a former Clinton pollster in the ‘90s, wrote about the Clintons’ “open marriage” in 2018.

Mark Penn dropped a bombshell about the Clintons’ “open marriage," alleging that “Hillary Clinton allowed Bill to have sex with whoever he wanted and she may have been allowed to do the same.”

He also compared Bill and Hillary Clinton’s relationship to what viewers see on the hit show House of Cards, writing:

“Hollywood usually does as Hollywood writes. For example, Frank and Claire Underwood in House of Cards have numerous partners, including one who sleeps at the White House, as they pretend to ignore it. There seems to be a rage of jealousy under the surface.

These open marriages are based less on sex and more on love, creating additional meaningful relationships that are part of the marriage in some ways and that may come and go, revolving around the couple, which still serves as the core unit.”

One Reddit user pointed out an interesting point about Bill and Hillary Clinton’s relationship.

One Reddit user pointed out an important thing about relationships, and it’s a relatively simple idea: you can love someone, support them, raise a family with them, etc. — but you may not love them (anymore) in a romantic way:

“These marriages are quite common among older folks and couples who had arranged marriages. My dad calls them ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ couples because the deal is basically that each party does what they want but maintains the facade of a happy marriage while co-parenting or running a business.

When it comes to marriage, there’s a lot of grey area between ‘100% scam’ and ‘true love’. It’s possible to genuinely care for someone and even raise a family with them but not be in love with them.”

Another echoed that thought, writing, “It’s a lot easier to make it last because you don’t have to worry about fading out of love or emotions beyond friendship and trust.”

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