How To Celebrate Thanksgiving Alone (And Actually Enjoy It)

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This year has brought along an array of changes we’ve all been forced to get used to, and one of them is spending a substantial amount of time alone.

While many of us assumed that things would be back to normal by the holidays, we were unfortunately wrong. For you, this might mean spending Thanksgiving alone.

How to celebrate Thanksgiving alone

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Luckily, there are a few tricks for how to celebrate thanksgiving alone and still have a great turkey day.

After all, there is still plenty to be thankful for!

Cook whatever you want — or order takeout!

Thanksgiving usually consists of the traditional crowd-pleasing menu items every year and they might not all be your favorites.

The beauty of spending this feast alone is that you can skip the peas and cranberry sauce and eat whatever you want! Plan out your menu a few nights ahead and make it something to look forward to.

If you’re like me you hate to cook and are by no means a great chef, if this is the case order some comfort food from your favorite restaurant. If you plan on this option be sure to order ahead of time as many people are likely taking advantage of this option this year.


Wear an outfit that makes you feel good.

One of the great things that come with spending Thanksgiving solo is the ability to stay in your sweatpants all day.

Let’s face it, we usually feel obligated to dress up for our friends and family and secretly wish we were wearing something with an elastic waistband. Now you can stay comfortable all day long if you want to!

However, if you are desperately craving some normalcy, feel free to dress up. While some of us find it annoying, others love picking out what to wear for the holidays. If this is something you look forward to, don’t let being alone stop you from serving a look this Thanksgiving.

Set up your space

Whether you’re ordering take out or preparing your meal yourself, set up your space the same way you would any other year. Don’t skip putting out festive décor and using your fancy plates just because no one is coming over.


Opting out of decorating will make It feel like just another day and you could be left feeling like you didn’t celebrate at all. 2020 has already taken so much from us, we can’t let it claim Thanksgiving too.

Burn your favorite fall candle and break out the fine china.

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Schedule a Zoom call

I know we are all so sick of hearing about Zoom and spending every waking hour in front of a screen, but it could be your only option to see loved ones.

Schedule a Zoom call and eat Thanksgiving dinner together as a virtual group.

If you hate the idea of eating a meal on camera, then opt for a zoom happy hour before dinner. This will keep you feeling connected and help your spirits stay high. Be sure to plan ahead to iron out any connectivity problems before your festivities begin.


Make a list of what you are thankful for

This year it’s easy to be bummed out and stay focused on the negative factors surrounding all of us. However, we still have so much to be thankful for and it helps to take some time to acknowledge that once in a while.

Grab a pen and paper and write down all the things that you are appreciative of, whether it’s your health, your family, a roof over your head — we can all think of something.

When you’re done, share your list on social media to inspire others to do the same. Chances are you aren’t the only one feeling a little down this holiday season and it’s helpful to spread positivity.

Take advantage of early Black Friday deals

One of the positive things to come out of this year is that many companies have extended Black Friday deals to start early or even last the entire month of November.


Take advantage of these deals and get some early Christmas shopping out of the way or even get something nice for yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with a little retail therapy and besides, who knows when we’ll ever have another black Friday like this!

Do something you love

Unfortunately, most of us get very few days off throughout the year to do the things we actually enjoy. And on normal holidays, we feel obligated to spend it with family.


Not this year!

If you're lucky enough to have Thanksgiving off, why not spend it doing something you love? 

Whether it's a hike, spending the day painting, or even just staying in bed all day (because when was the last time you were able to do that?), taking advantage of the time off to spend it doing something that makes you feel like yourself again.

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