8 Life-Changing Self-Love Books To Help Build Your Confidence

Time for a boost!

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It can be hard to be your own biggest fan in today’s world; sometimes we simply can’t see anything to love about ourselves or focus so much on our failures and mistakes we lose sight of what we’ve accomplished.

When that happens, picking up a self-love book to put you back in the right mindset and remind yourself of just how great you actually are is one of the best things you can do for yourself.


In a society where we are bombarded constantly with social media and updates of glamorous people doing glamorous things, it can be hard to look in the mirror and love what you see without comparing yourself to someone else.

Self-love can take a while to develop: maybe you didn’t realize that self-love is a concept that people have actually studied and written about — or maybe you’ve already read every self-love book in your local library.

Best Self-Love Books

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Wherever you are on your self-love journey, here are a few titles you have to check out to help build your confidence as you begin (or continue) on that long road of self-acceptance and love.

1. The Self-Love Experiment by Shannon Kaiser

Perfect for the self-love newbies, this book lays out the groundwork of what self-love is and its 15 principles that will get you started.

Kaiser stresses the importance of becoming your own best friend and not self-sabotaging yourself as you reach for your goals.

This book is all about putting yourself first and realizing seeing to your needs first isn’t selfish (as some people might try to make you believe).


This is a must-read for anyone who needs some help building their confidence.

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2. You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

A motivating title and one that is 100% true, this book is ideal for anyone who needs that extra boost to their confidence.

Life coach Jen Sincero offers tips and tricks on how to create the life you want and throw self-sabotage out the window.

This easy-to-read guide details real stories, exercises, and advice to get you started on your self-love journey.

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3. What to Say When You Talk to Yourself by Shad Helmstetter

Anyone who knows they’re their own worst critic should check out this book by Shad Helmstetter.


Helmstetter provides positive-self talk and tips on how to focus on your own self-worth to help you take charge of your happiness and build your self-confidence.

Sometimes, we don’t even realize we are talking negatively to ourselves, that’s how often we do it. However, it is a critical step to change the way we talk to ourselves in order to achieve self-love. After all, you can’t achieve self-love if you actively bring yourself down and talk to yourself like a bully.

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4. What a Time to Be Alone by Chidera Eggerue

Some people fear alone time or the moments they have nothing to do but think. Chidera Eggerus takes that idea and throws it out the window as she talks about how alone time is the best thing for self-confidence and self-love.


This book focuses on deciding your self-worth and steering clear of those toxic relationships that inevitably pop up in your life.

It is a fun, engaging read and one you have to check out no matter where you are on your journey to self-love and confidence.

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5. Untamed by Glennon Doyle

A perfect book for today’s modern woman, this book is all about living by your own rules and abandoning life’s expectations of what you should be and do.

Embracing your life and dreams to the fullest and turning away from everything the world demands of you will help build your confidence in who you are.


Untamed is the ideal starter for anyone wanting to learn more about how to start listening to themselves and focusing on what they actually want in life.

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6. The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown

This book is particularly great for perfectionists. Self-help queen Brené Brown tackles the idea of attaining perfection in life and why it's so important to have self-compassion, and practical ways to make real changes in your everyday life.

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7. The Self-Love Workbook by Shainna Ali

The Self-Love Workbook provides an engaging, hands-on way to learn to love yourself. 


From writing prompts to activities to practical advice, you'll be on your way to ditching self-sabotaging behavior and building your confidence.

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8. Radical Self-Love by Gala Darling

You've probably heard of the idea of radical acceptance when it comes to relationships — now it's time to apply it to your relationship with yourself, too. 

Darling's book combines bright illustrations and fun exercises to get you back on track to living up to your full potential and making life more fun.

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