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Orianne Cevey's Young Husband Seen Shirtless At Her Ex Phil Collins's Miami Mansion

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The latest drama in the Phil Collins and Orianne Cevey debacle: Apparently, Cevey's husband Thomas Bates has been getting cozy at the Miami Mansion the current divorcees are fighting over.

Bates was seen taking a shirtless stroll around the property.

Cevey has been in the press after it was revealed Collins — father of Emily in Paris star Lily Collins —was trying to evict his ex-wife from his Florida property. 

But the latest is that Cevey's husband has also been squatting there, prompting speculation about the man's identity.

Who is Orianne Cevey's husband, Thomas Bates?

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Thomas Bates is very private so there's little info to glean about him. 

However, a former bandmate and good friend of Bates described him as, "a very laid-back dude, super guy. Good musician too. He sings and plays guitar." 

What does Thomas Bates do?

Thomas Bates is an aspiring musician. He allegedly went to LA seeking his big break.

You can hear his few original songs on his YouTube channel. 

Amid the Covid-19 outbreak, Bates decided to return to Florida and ride the pandemic out there.

Bates was also a member of a band called Two Kings that played in bars and small clubs in and around Fort Lauderdale, but the band broke up about four years ago.

His former bandmate said, "It was fairly small stuff, but a blast."

How old is Thomas Bates?

Thomas Bates is 31 years old, though his birthdate is unknown, which makes him 15 years younger than his wife.

Orianne Cevey is 46 years old and was born on  March 24, 1974, in Nyon, Switzerland.

She's an Aries.

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Thomas Bates is a dog dad.

One thing we can glimpse from Thomas Bates Instagram is that he's a doggy dad to a cute little pup.

The white dog, whose breed has not been disclosed, is named Billy Bear and is Bates' "little Buddy".

You can see pictures of the cute pup on Bates's Instagram.

Bates is also big guitar collector.

Another thing you can pick up on his slowly-growing social media is that he's an avid guitar collector.

He has a highlight expressing his enthusiam for the music store Norman's Rare Guitars.

Cevey and Bates had a quickie Las Vegas wedding in August.

It is unclear how Thomas Bates and Orianne Cevey met — even Bates' former bandmate is perplexed about the two were introduced saying, “I would have no idea how he met Orianne. It’s intriguing.”

The couple tied the knot earlier this year in August in a secret Las Vegas wedding, a 20-minute intimate service with an Elvis Impersonator officiating.

Several other celebrities have also gotten hitched at the famous Graceland Wedding Chapel AKA the "World's First Elvis-Themed Wedding."

Orianne Cevey was married to Phil Collins — who she's currently disputing with.

Phil Collins, the beloved rock musician, is the ex-husband of Orianne Cevey. They were married in 1999 but got divorced in 2008. 

The two have been poking jabs and throwing shots at each other during their multiple lawsuits as they fight over money and his Miami home. 

Phil Collins is still trying to kick Orianne Cevey out of his Miami mansion.

Once the marriage certificate of Cevey and Bates was brought public, Collins filed an eviction lawsuit to kick his ex-wife and her new husband out of his Miami mansion.

However, Cevey straight up told Collins "no" and continued to squat in the lavish dwelling with her new husband. 

Reportedly, Cevey has told courts she's staying on the Florida property to use its equipment for spinal injury recovery.

 owever, photos on her Instagram reveal that she's been traveling and boxing, raising suspicions about how serious her injury really is. 

Cevey is refusing to leave the property until Collins renegotiates their 2008 divorce settlement which was a whopping $46 million. 

Collins' lawyers responded, "These allegations [by Cevey] are included only to further defendants' plan to deliberately make sensationalized and/or false allegations in an effort to extort money."

Collins's friends are on his side and say, “This is [Cevey's] way of getting more money and we’re not caving. We’re not playing this game with her. It’s petty and juvenile.”

Are Phil Collins and Orianne Cevey getting back together?

Despite the legal drama, rumors persist that Cevey and Collins may shockingly end up being friends at the end of this court battle.

A close friend of theirs compared the estranged couple to that of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s famously passionate love affair. The same friend even hinted that it wouldn't surprise him if Cevey and Collins reunited as early as this month.

“Orianne always protected him. She took care of Phil when he was unwell. He has recently been a grouch, but he has been open about his health problems. His last tour was titled ‘Not dead yet’ after all. The truth is they need each other, I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up getting back together.” 

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