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Cardi B, Hennessy Carolina & Michelle Diaz Hit With Alleged Defamation Lawsuit After Altercation With MAGA Supporter

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Who Is Hennessy Carolina's Girlfriend? Details About Michelle Diaz

Cardi B isn't the only one in her family with a flair for the dramatic. Hennessy Carolina, her younger sister, has also earned quite the following on social media for her twerking videos, her larger-than-life personality, and her burgeoning career in the fashion industry. And now, after an alleged incident in New York over Labor Day weekend, Cardi B, Hennessy Carolina, and her longtime girlfriend, Michelle Diaz, are getting slapped with a lawsuit for defemation of character. 

Who is Hennessy Carolina's girlfriend, Michelle Diaz?

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How did Hennessy Carolina and Michelle Diaz meet?

Carolina frequently likes to tell the story of how she met Diaz, and it's the way most young people meet today: on the internet. Carolina says that she saw Diaz on her "Explore" page on Instagram, and she was instantly drawn to her. When they hit each other up on the popular social media photo-sharing site, sparks flew, and they've been together ever since. 

Who is Michelle Diaz?

Even though her girlfriend is very high-profile — and her future sister-in-law is Cardi B, one of the biggest celebrities in the world — Diaz keeps a relatively low profile. Although her Instagram page is public, she doesn't post anything about what she does for a living, or where she goes just to hang out. Rather, she posts a lot of pictures with her girlfriend, some of her favorite fashion choices, and fun things she sees on their various dates. Interestingly, though, Cardi B — her girlfriend's sister — is not posted on her page at all. 

Cardi B, Hennessy Carolina, and Michelle Diaz are being sued for an incident that happened over Labor Day weekend.

While Michelle Diaz generally keeps a low profile, she was recently involved in an altercation on the beach over Labor Day weekend. Long story short, plaintiffs Peter Caliendo, Pauline Caliendo and Manuel Alarcon accsused Hennessy, Michelle, and Cardi of blocking their car with their vehicle. After one of the plaintiffs, who was wearing a MAGA hat, approached Michelle, who was driving the car, a screaming match followed. You can watch a video of the altercation below; however, there is a ton of profanity and foul language in the video, so watch at your own discretion.

All in all, Cardi, Hennessy, and Michelle are being accused of "defamation of character and violating civil rights to privacy." Hennessy is also being accused of assault and battery. 

"These peaceful Suffolk County residents were quietly enjoying a Sunday at the Smith Point beach with their families, when rap celebrity Hennessy Carolina suddenly approached them, raging, spitting, insulting, assaulting, defaming and threatening them, all the while videotaping them because one of them wore a MAGA hat," the plaintiff's attorney John Ray said.

Carolina and Diaz went shopping together to celebrate NYC Pride. 

We all were first introduced to Diaz when she and Carolina did an exclusive photoshoot for Vogue, in which they talked about their plans for NYC Pride. They went shopping together at all the premiere NYC shopping spots, including New York Vintage and Gothic Renaissance, and Carolina said that this is what a typical date with them entails. "We like to eat and shop. We have hella fun," she said

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They split for a while.

Back in November 2019, Carolina announced that she was "single" and ready to mingle. This announcement sparked an immediate backlash amongst the fans — with many wondering when Carolina and Diaz split up, and why — but shortly after Carolina made the announcement that she and Diaz were back together. 


A post shared by @hennessycarolina on Feb 14, 2020 at 8:28pm PST

They've been together for quite some time. 

According to the Vogue profile on the couple, they've been together for at least two years. However, based on a posting made by Carolina, it seems as though she hadn't "come out" to her family until recently. It's unclear, however, if Diaz's family was well aware she was out, or if they found out recently, as well. 

Carolina was lauded for giving Diaz a lapdance on Valentine's Day. 

In the world of hip hop, being homosexual or bisexual — or gender non-conforming — is looked down upon, and many who are in the field who are not cis-het find themselves at the receiving end of brutal backlash. However, Carolina doesn't seem to care about what possible detraction she could face for her sexuality because she had no problem giving her longtime girlfriend, Diaz, a sexy lapdance on Valentine's Day. 

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