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Sweet Details About Alton Brown's Relationship With Wife Elizabeth Ingram

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Alton Brown, 58 and a Leo, is an American television personality, food show presenter, chef, author, actor, cinematographer, and musician.

He's best known for his shows on the food network Good Eats, Iron Chef America, and Cutthroat Kitchen which he has been a part of for 20 years. 

He was born in Los Angeles, California but now resides in Georgia with his lovely wife, who Brown calls "a very good listener."

Who is Alton Brown's wife, Elizabeth Ingram?

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What does Elizabeth Ingram do?

Elizabeth Ingram is an interior designer who focuses on restaurants and residential homes.

She has 25 years of interior design experience in the industry. Her studio is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Her website says Ingram is "skilled in creating spaces that eclectically transcend time, Ingram uses upholstery, custom lighting, and furniture design to compose bespoke, textural and visually rich spaces for her clients — each project divulging its own mood and telling its own unique story.” 


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How did Elizabeth Ingram and Alton Brown meet?

Alton Brown and Elizabeth Ingram met in 2016 when Ingram went to have her copy of Brown’s EveryDayCook signed by Brown at a book signing.

But it wasn't until Brown hired her to help him design the interior of his new apartment that the two got to know each other better.

Ingram apparently didn't know who he was, “She thought that I was the guy from Molton Brown soap." 

Brown was intrigued by her, "I slowly turned every meeting we had into a date.”

By the time the renovation was completed, the two lovebirds were engaged. 

Of his wife, Brown said, "Living with someone who’s a creative, changes things because it changes the nature of what you can share and what you can expect people to understand. Having somebody you can talk to, which I haven’t always had in my life, is a big deal.”


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When did Elizabeth Ingram and Alton Brown get married?

Elizabeth Ingram and Alton Brown got married on September 29, 2018. They had a small intimate wedding on a boat in Charleston, South Carolina.

The one delectable their wedding had to have was Caviar as Brown said, “We are caviar fanatics. We’re gonna have lots of it, good stuff."

He went on to say, “My fiancé and I are both pretty crazy about fish eggs, that’s the one thing we’re really splurging on.”


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Before marrying Ingram, Alton Brown was married to DeAnna Brown a television producer for an undetermined amount of years. Their wedding date is unknown but the two were divorced in 2015. 

But plot twist, DeAnna was his second wife and Ingram his third; Brown's first wife is not on record or reported on.

Elizabeth Ingram has a famous cousin.

That's right — singer Liz Phair is Ingram's cousin and she wished the couple happy blessings on their wedding day.

Alton Brown's kids — does he have any with Elizabeth Ingram?

They haven't had a baby together, but Brown has a child with his ex-wife, making Ingram a stepmom.

Brown's daughter is named Zoey who is currently in college and will be graduating from Georgetown in 2022.

She's 21 years old.


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They're both dog people.

They are parents to two adorable dogs Scabigail (who has her own Instagram account) and Francis.

They were both rescue dogs and make several appearances on their parent's social media. 


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