Sweet Details About Chef David Chang's Relationship With Wife Grace Seo Chang

Meet Grace Seo Chang and her adorable pup!

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David Chang is a professional chef who made his big break when he opened his first New York restaurant Momofuku.

That restaurant's success led Chang to open several other restaurants around the world and he also gained global recognition with his cooking/travel docu-series Ugly Delicious and Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Netflix. 

We obviously know a lot about the chef — but what about his better half?


Who is David Chang's wife, Grace Seo Chang?

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Grace Seo Chang was born in Korea.

Her mother immigrated with her two children: Grace and her brother, whose name is unknown.


While there's little public information about her, through her Instagram page we can discern that she's an animal lover and enjoys traveling.

What does Grace Seo Chang do for a living?

It's unclear what the chef's wife current occupation is, but she's worked in fashion. She's also an excellent cook — perhaps that's what drew the couple together? — even though she never pursued it professionally.

In an interview, she revealed she's "as passionate about Korean food as she is about rescuing animals and beautiful clothing."

Grace proudly promotes her husband's work on her Instagram page as well, most recently she posted a picture of his memoir, Eat A Peach, which was published in September 2020.



A post shared by Grace Seo Chang (@graceseo) on May 13, 2018 at 6:51am PDT

How did Grace and David Chang meet?

The two met after Chang broke off his engagement with Gucci PR executive Gloria Lee in September of 2013.

The two began dating in 2016, then Grace and David eventually eloped in 2017.


Not many knew about the elopement but the owner of the sister bakery to David's restaurant Milk Bar "found out beforehand and sent a cake." How sweet — literally and figuratively!

David Chang's kids — how many does he have with Grace?

The married couple has one child, a son named Hugo. Model Chrissy Teigen was actually the one to accidentally spill the beans.

In November of 2018, when announcing David at the WSJ. Magazine’s Innovator Awards she mentioned the couple's pregnancy.

Their adorable little boy was born in March of 2019.

David hd a conversation with his wife on his podcast a week before Hugo was due. The happy 1 1/2-year-old can be seen eating tasty foods on David Chang's Instagram page often.



A post shared by Grace Seo Chang (@graceseo) on Aug 5, 2020 at 8:02am PDT

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Grace Seo Chang is a dog mom.

Their pup Seve is a prominent feature on Grace's Instagram page. She posts multiple pictures (sometimes in a row) of the energetic pup.


He's often caught napping or playing in the snow. Grace even wrote a birthday dedication post to her pup. 

Seve's birthday is on November 20, so the adorable dog is a Scorpio. Follow him on his own Instagram page momo_seve. 

David Chang has a podcast.

David Chang has a podcast called The Dave Chang Show, which hosts conversations with well-known chefs to cooking tips to politics. It streams on Spotify and Apple.

Grace and David Chang's Instagram accounts are public.

Both of the Chang's Instagram pages are public, so you can actively look through their posts.


Grace's Instagram errs toward travel photos, Seve, and the annual birthday dedication post to her foodie husband. It also features baby pictures of David and family photos.

David's Instagram has 1.6 million followers and his posts showcase myriad foods (what else) along with adorable videos of his son trying different, unexpected foods.



A post shared by Seve Chang (@momo_seve) on Apr 9, 2018 at 5:35pm PDT

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