Who Is Corpse Husband? Inside The Identity Of The Anonymous Youtuber

That's a secret he'll never tell.

Corpse Husband YouTube

Corpse Husband anonymously posts videos of himself telling scary stories to YouTube.

He’s amongst a collective of Youtubers called the Horror Narration Channels, a collection of horror channels on Youtube.

Spooky, indeed.

Corpse Husband refuses to reveal his identity, though his following is dying to know his true identity.

 Some secrets should be kept for a reason. Is this one of them?

Who is Corpse Husband?

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Nobody knows who the true identity of Corpse Husband is. 

He’s tricked his fans into performing a face reveal several times throughout the course of his YouTube career bt he’s never actually exposed his true self lf to the Internet ... yet.

Corpse Husband told Anthony Padilla, who's  also a famous YouTuber, “It’s opening that door and having all the build up from millions of people now all at once. So it would be a dramatic life change."

There are no photos of Corpse Husband’s real face online — or so he claims.

On October 11, he tweeted about his massive Instagram following.

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Facts about Corpse Husband:

Corpse Husband was allegedly born on on August 8, 1993, which makes him a Leo.

He's located in San Diego, California and is known for his deep voice.

Who is Corpse Husband inspired by?

Before his YouTube career took off, Corpse Husband listened to CreepyPasta, a subgenere of horror-related legends shared across the Internet.

He specifically admired MrCreepyPasta, Chilling Tales For Dark Nights, and Cryatoic.

People were offended by one of his horror stories.

In 2019, Corpse Husband recorded a story about a transphobic Christian woman.

In the story, she was abusing the storyteller and using offensive slurs.

Fans were upset that Corpse read the word out loud and believed it should have been omitted.


Corpse Husband subsequently issued an apology for saying the word.

Corpse Husband's Instagram has more than one million followers.

On October 24, 2020, he posted a picture of a strand of his hair, as a reward for his followers and and to celebrate reaching one million followers, of course.

The photo also reveals a picture of his hand, which is probably the closest the internet will ever get to seeing him IRL.

“Thanks for 1M on insta u lil freaks.” He wrote, “Here’s a strand of my hair. #onlystrands #onlyhands #corpsehusband”



A post shared by Corpse Husband (@corpse_husband) on Oct 24, 2020 at 2:09pm PDT

Corpse Husband made an appearance on Anthony Padilla’s Faceless Youtubers series.

Anthony Padilla, a former member of Smosh, curates a YouTube series that features interviews with YouTubers who keep their identity hidden.


On March 28, 2020, Corpse Husband posted a snapshot of the interview to his Instagram.

“For those that may have missed it somehow, I was featured on @anthonypadilla ‘s channel for an episode talking about the lives of faceless YouTubers if you’re interested," the caption said.

“It’s a lot harder for people to be scared of something [if they] know what it looks like,” Corpse Husband said in the interview with Padilla.


Keeping his identity a secret has taken a huge toll on his social life, he says.

Corpse Husband reported he has a secret "YouTube" room that none of his friends are allowed to enter.

Friends also question where he gets his money from. "It's a very Hannah Montana thing." he joked.  

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