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Sweet Details About Lisa Vanderpump's Relationship With Husband Ken Todd

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Lisa Vanderpump Ken Todd

Love is in the air — and inside the restaurants! At least for Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd, the stars of the hit reality television series, Vanderpump Rules. Everybody knows the story of Lisa Vanderpump, but do you know her husband, Ken Todd?

Who is Lisa Vanderpump's husband, Ken Todd?

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Who is Ken Todd?

Not to be confused with the famous football player, Ken Todd is a British-American businessman and world-renowned restauranteur. He and his wife own some of LA's most elite restaurants and bars together. 

In addition to starring in the reality hit television series Vanderpump Rules and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, he worked as a producer in Hollywood for Vanderpump Rules, The Road To Yulin And Beyond, and Trust Me. Also, he plays the violin in The Final Wish.


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How old is Ken Todd?

Ken Todd was born on July 21,1945 which makes him a Cancer. He is currently 75 years old. Born in England, he married Vanderpump in 1982.

What is Ken Todd's net worth?

Ken Todd's net worth averages out to about $90 million.

Some are born rich and famous, but Todd was not. In an interview, Lisa Vanderpump dished about Todd's finances growing up. "He worked many jobs laboring, night jobs, anything to provide for his son, and, with the help of his mother, he raised an educated, well-mannered young man," Vanderpump said. "Life was hard at the beginning. But with sheer tenacity and some sort of innovative business sense, he created a life for his family (including his parents) that otherwise, they wouldn't have had."

What is Lisa Vanderpump's net worth?

Lisa Vanderpump's net worth is approximately $75 million. More than an unpaid intern makes, that's for sure. 

Who are Ken Todd's children?

Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump are the proud mother and father of their two children, Pandora and Max, and a stepson, Warren. Together, the family runs a business called Vanderpump Wines. On April 24, 2020, Lisa posted to Instagram, "As you may have seen on @VanderpumpWines, our family has been working diligently on a project for the past few years that is very close to our hearts, and we have finally announced our Vanderpump Sonoma Coast Estate Chardonnay and Vanderpump Sonoma County Cabernet! These wines have been years in the making and are finally ready, and even though we can’t do a traditional launch right now, given the difficult times, we are very proud and excited to bring them to you online. So many people have worked on these with us, and work for our wines around the country, so we are grateful to be able to announce them (and so many of you have been tagging us in your rosé photos at home, so i hope you are happy to have some new wines to try as you’re staying home and safe!) Our family has deep roots in California - it’s where we call home - and we always knew that we wanted to expand our winemaking efforts to include wines made in the beautiful vineyards of our home state."

Pandora Todd is their oldest child. She is a writer and producer in the film industry, best-known for her work on Black Swan and The Road To Yulin And Beyond. She was also a contestant on Masterchef.  On July 21, 2020, she posted an old photo of her and Todd to Instagram. "Happy Birthday Daddy!!!" She wrote, "We love you more than anything - you are the most generous, wonderful father and I appreciate you every single day! Thank you for everything you do for us, every day I love you even more!"

Who is Max Todd?

Max Todd is Lisa and Ken's second child together. He was born December 7, 1991 and is currently 28 years old. Max was adopted.

Who is Warren Todd?

Warren Todd is Ken Todd’s son and Lisa Vanderpump’s stepson. His biological mother, Pamela Todd (Ken’s first wife) wasn’t a huge part of Warren’s childhood. In an interview, Ken said, “Warren was a product of my first marriage which didn't last very long. I had total custody of him from the age of two and I brought him up on my own.”

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