50 Best National Boyfriend Day Quotes & Memes

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national boyfriend day quotes and memes

We know you love your boyfriend and probably do a lot to care for him and show him how much he means to you.

National Boyfriend Day is the perfect day to let him know how much he means to you with funny memes and sweet quotes!

National Boyfriend day is different from other holidays — it’s all about your partner and going over all the ways he’s a good boyfriend to you. It’s celebrated on October 3rd this year, so take the day to appreciate that person in your life who ticks all your boxes and has a special place in your heart.

Let him know how he makes your life just a little better with him around — give him something special, make him breakfast or dinner, or maybe give him a nice card. Whatever you do, he'll be happily surprised and your thoughtfulness will be touching.

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Start the day by letting him know how much you care about him and share with him some of these cute quotes about boyfriends or relatable boyfriend memes that he’ll appreciate and get a laugh out of.

Cute Boyfriend Quotes and Memes For National Boyfriend Day

1. “Once you fall for someone, their smell can be a powerful thing. Women will wear their boyfriends’ T-shirts, and throughout tales in history men have held on to their lover’s handkerchief.” — Helen Fisher

2. "When your boyfriend says he loves you more..."

3. “Sometimes I look at my boyfriend and think... dang, he's one lucky man.”

4. "When I stare at my man in awe and he catches me."

5. “Not to brag, but we're like really cute together.”

6. "Truth is everybody is going to hurt you: you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.” — Bob Marley

7. "In my dreams, I could be a Princess, and that’s what I was. Like most little girls, I believed nothing less than a Prince could make my dreams come true.” — Loretta Young

8. "When a girl looks at my boyfriend."

9. "You are my everything. I love you today and always."

10. “When I look at you, I see a lot of things; my best friend, my boyfriend, my secret-holder, my tear-stopper, my future.”

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11. “I am very indecisive and always have trouble picking my favorite anything. But, without a doubt, you are my favorite everything.”

12. "Me waiting for my boyfriend to kiss me after just kissing me."

13. “I love you not only for what you are but for what I am when I’m with you.” – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

14. “Being in my boyfriend's arms is my happy place. I don't want to be anywhere else.”

15. "He’s annoying he’s hilarious, he makes me yell, he drives me crazy, he’s out of his mind but he’s everything I want."

16. “Falling in love with your boyfriend is like a virus. It can happen to anybody at any time.”

17. "I can talk to hundreds of people in one day but none of them compare to the smile you can give me in one minute."

18. "His smile. His eyes. His lips. His hair. His laugh. His hands. His smirk. His humor. His weird face."

19. "My love. My affection. My boyfriend"

20. "He calls me beautiful like it’s my name"

21. “The boyfriends who still hold bags, open doors, tell their girlfriends they're beautiful... those are real men.”

22. "You know that I am not perfect but you make me feel perfect and beautiful in every way. Thank you."

23. “When in a relationship, a real man doesn’t make his woman jealous of others, he makes others jealous of his woman.” — Steve Maraboli

24. "Babe, thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for making me smile like crazy. Thank you for making me happy."

25. "You are my glue. Without you, I’d be nothing but broken pieces."

26. "My boyfriend: *exists* me when I remember how much I love him and how glad I am he's in my life:"

27. "I find the most beautiful moment’s of life aren’t just with you but because of you." — Leo Christopher

28. “My boyfriend makes my dopamine levels go all silly.”

29. "No, he’s not perfect. He’s human and flawed, but he’s perfect to me and that’s all that matters."

30. “I'm really, really, really, really, really glad to be your girlfriend.”

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31. "He walked into my heart like he always belonged there, took down my walls and lit my soul on fire." — T.М.

32. "He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same." — Emily Bronte

33. "Me every time I see my boyfriend"

34. “I felt his arms go around me, holding me tight I was safe. I was warm I was home.” — Ally Carter

35. “My boyfriend's annoying, he's hilarious, he makes me yell, he drives me crazy, he's out of his mind...
but he's everything I want.”

36. “Your arms feel more like home than any house ever did.” – Kate

37. “You’re kinda’, sorta’, basically, pretty much always on my mind.”

38. "I am in love with him his dark side his changing tides his bedroom eyes the way he looks at me he is everything I see and I am in love with him." — N. R. Hart

39. “When I listen to my heart, it whispers my boyfriend's name.”

40. "In your smile I see something more beautiful than the stars." — Beth Revis

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41. "To be your friend was all I ever wanted, to be your girlfriend was all I ever dreamed."

42. "How cute is my boyfriend? Hella"

43. "Each day I love you more, today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow." — Rosemonde Gerard

44. “I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I’m with you.” —Elizabeth Barrett Browning

45. "You make my dopamine levels go all silly."

46. “You put a twinkle in my eye, butterflies in my stomach, and you bring love into my heart.”

47. "Before I met you I never knew what it was like to look at someone and smile for no reason."

48. 'Love him and let him love you. Do you think anything else under heaven really matters?' — James Baldwin

49. "My heart. Walking. Running. Looking at my beautiful boyfriend whom I adore and love so much wow he deserves the world."

50. "The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space." — Marilyn Monroe

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