British Actor Archie Lyndhurst Dead At 19 — What We Know So Far

Sending our condolences to the Lyndhurst family.

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Archie Lyndhurst was a British actor known for playing the role of Ollie on the CBBC show So Awkward. Sadly, Lyndhurst passed away on September 22, 2020 at the young age of 19. While news of the actor's sudden death is absolutely tragic, we can't help but wonder what happened, and how he suddenly passed. Keep reading for details on Archie Lyndhurst’s death.

How did Archie Lyndhurst die? 

Lyndhurst’s death appears to be sudden. His death was confirmed by the network CBBC in a heartbreaking tweet. 


“We're so sorry to have to tell you that Archie Lyndhurst, who so brilliantly played Ollie in So Awkward on CBBC, has very sadly died after a short illness," their statement read. "Archie will be hugely missed by all who worked with him, and by all the fans who laughed along with Ollie in the show." 

Although it has been said that Lyndhurst had passed away from a short illness, details about the illness have yet be expanded upon. 

Celebrities who knew Lyndhurst are paying tribute to him. 

Archie Lyndhurst worked with many notable celebrities before he passed. He played a young Jack Whitehall in the series Bad Education and worked with Whitehall in many of his projects. 


Whitehall wrote on Instagram, "Every time I worked with Archie he was the same — passionate, generous and pitch-perfect, he was loved by everyone on set. I have no doubt he would have had a long and illustrious career and would have continued lighting up the lives of all those who encountered him. The world has been robbed of a truly special soul. He will never be forgotten, I feel utterly devastated that he is gone but I also feel so blessed to have met him."



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Cleo Demetriou, Lyndhurst’s castmate on So Awkward, has also paid tribute to him. She wrote on Instagram, “My heart is completely broken knowing that I can never see you again, never speak to you again and never hug you again. Thank you so much for being you, an absolute light in this sometimes very dark world."



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Who are Archie Lyndhurst’s parents?  

Archie Lyndhurst’s father is Nicholas Lyndhurst, who is also an actor known for Only Fools and Horses, Rock & Chips, and Goodnight Sweetheart. Archie Lyndhurt’s mother is Lucy Smith, who used to dance for the English National Ballet. 

How did Archie Lyndhurst’s parents meet?

Lyndhurst and Smith met in 1992. Smith saw Lyndhurst perform in a play on the West End two times and then left him a bottle of champagne with a nice note. However, before getting the note, Lyndhurst claimed that he already saw her in the first row and invited her to have a drink with the cast. The couple got married in 1999 in West Sussex. 

Archie Lyndhurst was inspired by his father. 

Archie Lyndhurst began acting when he was 10 years old, when he joined the Sylvia Young Theatre School. Nicholas Lyndhurst said that his son inherited his “acting gene.” Lyndhurst has acted in Little Crackers, Our Ex-Wife, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, So Awkward, and other projects. 

The Lyndhurst family is grief stricken and wants privacy. 

In a statement to the BBC, Lyndhurst and Smith said that they are “utterly grief stricken and respectfully request privacy." 


Smith also commented on Jack Whitehall’s post saying, "We shall love him forever and a day and are the luckiest parents to have had the most wonderful unique son," and added that her only son had brought "nothing but joy in our lives.”

May Archie rest in peace, and our thoughts are with Lyndhurst family during this difficult time.

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