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Fast Facts About Brock Pierce, Former Child Actor And Third-Party Presidential Candidate

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Brock Pierce

The 2020 Presidential election is drawing near, and many people may be rushing to find information on the candidates that are not covered as much on mainstream news networks. The question currently making the rounds on Twitter is simple: are you voting Biden or Trump? However, there are others running for president, and one of those third-party candidates is Brock Pierce. 

Who is Brock Pierce?

Born November 14, 1980, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Brock Pierce grew up in a middle-class home where his father worked in construction and his mother was a minister. As a child, Pierce started his path into the limelight with Disney. He was a child actor who starred in eleven different projects, including films like The Mighty Ducks, First Kid, and Legend of the Lost Tomb.

When Pierce got older, he developed a strong interest in the internet and decided to pursue a change in his career path. Today, he is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist who is known for his work in the cryptocurrency industry.

Pierce has founded over 100 companies and has raised more than $51 million. He co-founded Tether in 2014, where he put the US dollar on the blockchain. He moved to Puerto Rico in 2017 after Hurricane Maria devastated the island, where he created the Integro Foundation, a Puerto Rico based not-for-profit organization.


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What are Brock Pierce's beliefs?

Brock Pierce identifies as an independent candidate. Pierce is running a very different campaign than many of his opponents. He doesn't have immediate views on big-ticket issues, but instead is basing his views on principles he wishes to implement into our country. On his professional website, Pierce's campaign is founded on four core principles.

To start, Pierce believes that liberty is a necessity. "I place the principle of liberty as essential to everything that I do and aspire to," he wrote. "I am deeply committed to transforming our systems of justice and incarceration to support this core principle."

Pierce believes that sustainability is needed in our society. "Sustainability begins with the sustainability of our lives as individuals and expands to the sustainability of our homes, our communities, our economy, our nation, and beyond," he said. "I am committed to fostering sustainability at every level of our society in support of this core principle."

Brock Pierce also believes that wellness is important: "The experience of wellness is not just individual. Rather, wellness is a possibility for all life and all of America, including our economy, government, education, and culture. I am committed to fostering our individual and collective wellness by implementing far-reaching reforms in support of this core principle."

Finally, Pierce believes that humanity is crucial. "Valuing humanity in America means living in a society in which every individual and group is both respected and appreciated," he wrote. "I am committed to the valuing of humanity as a core principle, by implementing policies that place people over profit while honoring the fundamental human rights of every individual and community."


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At the end of it all, Pierce believes, "We are here in service of our nation, our species, and our planet. Our collaborative, open-source platform is a unique milestone in American politics. It is providing every American, irrespective of their race, gender, ethnicity, religion, political, educational or economic background, the opportunity to join in the collective effort to transform and heal our nation."

He wants to dismantle the two-party systems and "burst the bubble."

Is Brock Pierce married?

Brock Pierce is married to Crystal Rose Pierce. She is the CEO of Sensay and helped create Sense Chat which is a crypto-enabled and community-focused messenger platform. She is also recognized as the top woman in blockchain EOS by Forbes Magazine. The pair got married through a blockchain-based marriage contract. 


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Does Brock Pierce have children?

Brock Pierce has two daughters. His youngest, Aurora, was born on March 18, 2019, and appears often on her parents' social media. Pierce's first daughter, on the other hand, is hardly mentioned and most of her personal information is under wraps. She is seen in a few of her father's posts with captions such as, "As a father of two young girls, I am concerned for our collective future. With the current economic crisis and global pandemic, our nation needs balanced leadership that will help our nation heal and unite."

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