Enchanting Details About 'Hocus Pocus' Star Thora Birch's Husband, Michael Benton Adler

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I don't know who needs to hear this, but it's the month of October — which means you can gorge on all the Halloween candy you want and watch as many sppooky movies as you want, like the iconic family film, Hocus Pocus, starring Thora Birch. Did you know she was married, by the way? To a fellow by the name of Michael Benton Adler. Read on for all the enchanting details about Thora Birch's relationship with her husband. 

Who is Thora Birch's husband, Michael Benton Adler?

Michael Benton Adler is primarily a manager in the film industry. But he's also worked in a variety of positions in a variety of films. 

He’s worked as an editor and producer for The Manzanita Kid, and editor, director, writer, and cinematographer for the short film Dear Cameron. His name has been listed under special thanks for the following films: Once Upon a Time … In HollywoodThe Beach BumWidowsAnnihilationLionInterstellar, and Django Unchained. Wow, that's a lot of thanks — and a lot of hats!

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Who is Thora Birch?

Thora Birch was born March 11, 1982, which makes her an Aries. She is a famous actress that was born and raised in Los Angles, California.

She is best known for her appearances in Ghost World, Hocus Pocus, Patriot Games, and American Beauty. She also has a green belt in karate!

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How did Birch and Adler meet?

Adler was Birch's manager, who encouraged her to get back into the film industry. "He's just something I never saw coming," she said. “I wasn't looking, didn't believe in the whole true love thing."

"We had a very professional, non-personal relationship for about two years," she added. "And then we started going to events together, and we’d wind up in a corner giggling like little kids. It just naturally turned into a date one night, and ever since then we have been inseparable."

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When did Birch and Adler marry?

In December 2018, the two lovebirds took each other's hand in marriage. The ceremony happened at the San Francisco City hall. She wore Christian Siriano minidress, instead of a big white ball gown. Cute!

She dropped a photo of the two celebrating at City Hall to her personal Twitter account. "I'm done! It’s done! I’m a married woman now..." She wrote, "This is not the official photo but it’s my thank you to all my fans for their positive energy! I felt it every second!! party time. Hehe."

He's a philanthropist and social rights activist.

Michael Benton Adler doesn't just sit on piles and piles of his own wealth, he donates his big bucks to political campaigns — exclusively to Democratic party candidates. Barack Obama, Howard Dean, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders.  

Finally, someone who doesn't think about themselves! If only the billionaires took note of this. 

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