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Everything To Know About Third-Party Presidential Candidate Rocky De La Fuente & His Wife, Katayoun Yazdani

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Rocky De La Fuente is no stranger to presidential campaigns. He previously ran for president in 2016 — first for the Democratic nomination and then as the Reform Party's candidate. Now in 2020, he's back at it again, running for president as part of the Alliance Party. While we're interested to learn more about his party affiliation and why he's running for president, we're also curious about his family life, like who Rocky De La Fuente's wife is. 

Who is Rocky De La Fuente's wife?

Roque De La Fuente is married to Katayoun Yazdani. Not much is known about the politician's wife except that she keeps a very low profile. We do know that she is a mother and is very proud of her children, since her Instagram is nothing but collages of all five of her kids. She is originally from Tehran, Iran but currently lives in San Diego, California with her husband.

What are Fuente's beliefs and 2020 party affiliation?

Fuente is the presidential candidate for the third-party group The Alliance Party. Fuente leans more towards liberal ideas when it comes to the issues in today's world, but he self identifies as an Independent in this presidential election. The third-party candidate's views on big-ticket issues are listed below, but for more information, you can visit his website.

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On healthcare, Fuente stands for universal access to basic needs, providing emergency medical assistance, caring for the elderly and most vulnerable, and creating a Pandemic Task Force for proactive planning and responding to future crises. 

When it comes to immigration, Fuente believes our perspective must change on how we deal with illegal immigration; we must look to them as assets and not villains. 

Regarding jobs and the economy, Fuente looks to restructure the budget process for fiscal responsibility, tax individuals and corporations equitably, eliminate tax preferences, increase investment in infrastructure to create jobs, and provide a livable income for those who can no longer work. 


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On education, Fuente wants to reinvigorate the teaching profession, prepare citizens for global competition, remove barriers of access to public education, develop a choice-driven public school system, and incentivize public service within the youth. 

Finally, when it comes to guns, Fuente is more in the middle, and doesn't want to get rid of guns. However, he's dedicated to helping keep the public safe. 

Why is Fuente running for President?

Fuente stated on his Twitter account that he is running for president because he wishes to bring up certain issues that the government hasn't solved yet. He is also running to show representation to the Latino community and saying, "There are no barriers to what they can achieve."

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Fuente has a big family.

Yazdani and Fuente have five healthy and ambitious children together:  Ricardo De La Fuente, Roque De La Fuente III, Kamila De La Fuente, Kassandra De La Fuente, Katayoun De La Fuente. 

Ricardo has followed his father's steps into politics, and he is currently running for congress. Kassandra is a senior at New York University who will be graduating in 2021. Being a dad is something Fuente is grateful for.

On his Instagram, he posted a family portrait for Father's Day with a caption that reads, "Being a father has given me the opportunity to learn to be a leader, have discipline and be an example for my family, my community and my country!"

Though the rest of the family is quite private, Fuente comments on them every once in awhile, bringing the big family into the public for a brief moment.

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