Everything To Know About Hunter McGrady's Husband, Brian Keys

Meet Brian Keys!

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Hunter McGrady is an American plus-size model who is breaking barriers in the modeling industry. McGrady's body positivity advocacy landed her a spot in Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition, and she has a growing social media presence with almost 700,000 followers on her Instagram page. Her husband, on the other hand, does not. So who exactly is the mysterious Brian Keys?

Who is Hunter McGrady's husband, Brian Keys?

Brian Keys grew up in King of Prussia, Pennslyvania, and went to Hussian College graduating in 1999. He then relocated to New York to begin his climb in the advertising industry. Brian Keys is an advertising executive and currently works as the vice president and creative director for the BGB Group.


He is not a social media person, so good luck trying to find him on any platform! As McGrady describes him, "He was so what I had imagined a New York ad man to be like." 



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How did Hunter McGrady and Brian Keys meet?

The couple met in a very modern, millennial way: on Snapchat! Apparently, Keys was on a date with another woman who encouraged him to follow McGrady because she was his "type." The two then began snapping each other and stalking each other on social media.

They met in person when McGrady had a shoot in New York. For their first date, they met in March of 2016 at a bar in the West Village of Manhattan called Bobo.

“[On our first date], I saw him and was like, ‘That’s my husband.’ I just felt like I knew him forever," she said. "We’re both very easygoing and spontaneous," she continued, adding that they "just get each other."

"We have the same humor and the same likes," she revealed. "It just goes to show that when it works, it works!”


The relationship grew stronger and three months later, Keys flew in to meet the rest of the McGrady family. With the family's blessing, McGrady moved to New York, and when her lease was up, she moved into Keys' apartment in Brooklyn. 

When did Brian Keys propose to Hunter McGrady?

Keys proposed to McGrady on a date in Central Park on December 29, 2017.



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When did Hunter McGrady and Brian Keys get married?

The couple were married in Moorpark, California on June 16, 2019, and have been happily married for a little over a year. 


Keys has a daughter.

Brian Keys was previously married to another woman, and they had a little girl together. However, the marriage failed before their daughter was even one. They got divorced and have shared custody of the young child. Sharing the custody during the infancy stage was difficult for Keys. Unfortunately, his ex-wife's and his daughter's names are under wraps due to the family's request.

McGrady is all for being a stepmom to the young girl. “She’s just the most beautiful little girl. She’s so special, so gentle and so loving,” she said.

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