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Are Paris Hilton And Jack Whitehall Dating?

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Are Paris Hilton And Jack Whitehall Dating?

It hasn't been super-long since Paris Hilton called off her engagement to actor Chris Zylka, but she apparently is wasting no time moving on.

According to a new report from In Touch, Hilton reportedly hooked up with British comedian Jack Whitehall, 30. The report, which originally came from Us Weekly,  claims that the unlikely couple are now seeing each other.

"They’ve hooked up and are into each other,” an inside source told the publication. 

Hilton, 38, was, of course, vague when she was asked directly about her relationship status.

“I’m so busy with my empire,” she told Us. “[I’ve] never been better.”

So are Paris Hilton and Jack Whitehall dating? Here's what we know.

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1. She's enjoying being single.

In March, Hilton told In Touch that she's been fully enjoying her independence and taking advantage of her single status.

“I’ve never been single in my life, so it’s a really nice time just to be on my own,” she said. “I just feel like a teenager again.”


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2. She's not into dating apps.

If Hilton and Whitehall are dating, it's no thanks to Tinder or Bumble or whatever secret society app celebrities are using these days. Hilton wants no part in meeting someone through an app; she prefers the old-school IRL methods.

“I just feel like if a guy is on that, I don’t really want to be with a guy who’s, like, going to be on it,” she said. “It’s weird. I don’t know, but if I owned an app one day that was part of it, I would be on it. If I owned equity in one, I wouldn’t mind being on one.”

“I should do actually a very exclusive app. No freaks allowed.” 

Same girl, same.

“I haven’t even been on any of them. I’ve never signed up for any of them, so I have no idea. But I know there’s a lot of fake accounts of me on all of these sites,” she said. “I’ve met people that are like, ‘Oh my God, I totally linked up with you on this.’ I’m like, ‘I’m not on that. So, you’re probably with some dude in his basement.’ Getting catfished.”


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3. There's been some flirtatious Insta-activity.

Before you write this off as just another random celebrity pairing with no real skin in the game, there is some social media evidence.

Hilton recently left a string of cute emojis under multiple photos on Whitehall's Instagram, including, but not limited to, heart eyes and fire. Essentially the most flirty combination you could use. 

Whitehall returned the cuteness by stalking Hilton's profile as well. Maybe not as obvious as she, he liked a recent photo of her looking cute at a birthday party.

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4. They met in London. 

While it's not entirely clear how these two lovebirds first came in contact — they do seem to be from polar opposite worlds — a source told Hollywood Life that they met on Jack's side of pond.

He impressed her so much that he got a personal invite to her birthday party.

"He was at her birthday party on March 16," a source said. "She was overheard telling friends she thinks he is not only gorgeous but brilliant and hilarious."

"Paris and Jack met in London,” the source added.

5. They're both single.

It would make logical sense that these two would be together, seeing as they're both single. 

Hilton famously broke off her engagement to Zylka last November after he "couldn't handle all the attention" she got from fans as well as other men.

“He shoved the guy and shouted, ‘Keep your hands to yourself!’ Paris tried to jump in, saying, ‘Honey, it’s OK, I know him.’ But Chris just screamed, ‘I don’t give a f–k!’" one source revealed.

Whitehall on the other hand famously dated Gemma Chan of Crazy Rich Asians fame from 2011 to 2017. He was most recently seen making out with Kate Beckinsale in November, but she has since moved on to Pete Davidson.

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