32 Funny Breakup Memes To Help You Move On

32 Funny Breakup Memes To Help You Move On

Breakups can be either the best feeling or the worst — it honestly depends on the situation. Whether you were broken up with or are the one who did the breaking up, here are some funny breakup memes to make you feel better, laugh, and also support you in whatever way you’re feeling. 

Funny Breakup Memes

These are the best breakup memes to help you express the anger, sadness, joy, and all the other stages of grief that you go through after a breakup.

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1. "Me at 24 after every breakup: 'He took the best years of my life.'"

2. "Breakups hurt. But losing someone who doesn't respect and appreciate you is actually a gain, not a loss."

3. "Re-reading messages where I expressed my feelings and got lil too soft."

4. "Kinda wanna date someone but kinda never wanna risk getting my feelings involved ever again u see my dilemma."

5. "I saw u at your lowest and still thought u were the greatest."

6. "My friend: Can't you see he's toxic? Me:"

7. "When you read your old messages and see how you used to talk."

8. "I love men, I think men are the coolest but you don't really need them to live. My mom said to me... 'You know sweetheart one day you should settle down and marry a rich man.' and I said 'Mom, I am a rich man.'" — Cher 1996."

9. "Did your ex make you scared to fall in love again or are you normal??"

10. "If you can love the wrong person that much. Imagine how much you can love the right one."


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11. "Normalize saying 'good game' after a breakup."

12. "When you see your ex in public but you're all alone."

13. "Him: you can either change your attitude or leave. Me:"

14. "Me deleting the text thread after being ignored so that I'm less reminded of how unwanted and unloveable I am."

15. "When ur ex tries to hit u up: Him: Hey, Me: Hey, Him: What's up, Me: My standards, bye."

16. "Are you algebra? Because everyone said I was going to need you later in life but turns out I don't."

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17. "These days I don't have time to argue... I'm just like..."

18. "Today's breakup is better than tomorrow's divorce."

19. "Looking at old photos of you and your ex like."

20. "Explaining to a man what he did wrong."

21. "Hopefully we can still be friends."

22. "When you realize you're doing better than your ex."

23. "How to end things properly: Me: 'Couples costume idea for us!' Him: '?? Those two don't go together' Me: 'Neither do we Eric, Goodbye' Him: 'Wtf.'"

24. "When your mini-breakdown is over and you have to delete your overly-dramatic posts."

25. "So you just gone walk out of my life? Me:"

26. "Him: Wyd? Me: Finna cut you off."

27. "When you get your heart broken but it's ok because the streets been waiting for you to be single again."

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28. "If he truly wanted to, he would sis. Remember that, stay pretty."

29. "Me preparing to get my heart broken for the 748th time this year:"

30. "When y'all break up and they get with the person u thought u were only overly paranoid over when y'all were together."

31. "Ex-boyfriend: 'you look good' Me:"

32. "'Are you seeing someone?' 'Why are you single?' 'When are you going to find someone?' Look, If I could run across the beach into my own arms, I would."

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