Who Is Aleks Novakovic? Everything To Know About Paris Hilton's Ex-Boyfriend — And Why They Broke Up

That's...not so hot.

Who Is Aleks Novakovic? Details About Paris Hilton’s Ex-Boyfriend YouTube

Paris Hilton’s highly anticipated new documentary, This Is Paris, hit YouTube on Sept. 14, and fans are learning all sorts of new information about the hotel heiress. In one part of the documentary, Paris and her now ex-boyfriend, Aleks Novakovic, get into an explosive argument just minutes before she goes on stage at Tomorrowland to play a set in front of over 80,000 people. Originally, Paris wanted the fight to be removed from the documentary; however, filmmakers kept it in there, and now fans are all wondering the same thing:  


Who is Aleks Novakovic?

Aleks Novakovic is an influencer who spends much of his time in Las Vegas and Miami.  One scroll through his Instagram profile will show you that he loves to party and hang out with his buddies, and he’s hardly ever wearing a shirt while doing so.

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From the looks of it, he keeps in great shape and takes his fitness seriously. He also likes to go to soccer games and seems to be a fan of Manchester United, and attended a lot of EDM and music festivals prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

How long did Paris Hilton and Aleks Novakovic date?

Paris Hilton and Aleks Novakovic dated for a short period of time after her split with ex-fiancé Chris Zylka. Paris and Chris called off their engagement in November of 2018 after being engaged for nearly a year. 

Paris and Aleks started dating after meeting at Ultra Music Festival in Miami in March. During one scene in her documentary, she even mentioned she was installing cameras in her house because she was wary of her new boyfriend.



A post shared by Aleks Novakovic (@alekssupernova) on Oct 16, 2018 at 5:07pm PDT

“I’m doing this because I have a new boyfriend who is going to be here when I’m gone,” she explained. “I want to know what’s happening when I’m not here.”


Why did Paris Hilton and Aleks Novakovic break up?

Paris kept her relationship with Aleks under wraps for most of the short time they dated. "I thought he was handsome," she said of Aleks. "He's visited me in L.A. twice, which is a big deal to me, because after my last relationship, I was basically planning on being single the rest of my life. But I don't want to be seen in public together yet. I'm not ready for that."

The couple reportedly split in July of 2019 after their blowout fight before Paris Hilton's set at Tomorrowland. "I just had had enough at that point," she said. "A person can only take so much. Anything that tries to control me, I can't have room for in my life."

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What was Paris Hilton and Aleks Novakovic’s on-camera fight about?

In the documentary, Aleks complained that Paris kept leaving him while they were at Tomorrowland. Paris left Aleks to do press before her big set — in front of 80,000 people, at that — and Aleks wouldn’t let it go. He carelessly dropped her computer in front of her, which was the last straw for Paris. 


“You can't just drop a computer before a set! The computer could break,” she yelled. “Will someone who's not gonna drop it, take it?” After Aleks stormed out of the green room, she kept going off on him (rightfully so), saying that she’s “sick of this,” he’s “psychotic,” and that she can’t deal with him because she’s “playing the biggest festival of her life.” Hilton then kicks him out of the festival and has his VIP wristband removed. Novakovic isn’t seen in the documentary after their altercation.

Director Alexandra Dean applauded Paris for the way she handled the tense situation, saying, "It was truly crazy and electrifying to see, let alone film. But you could see he really pushes her to the edge and Paris really puts down a boundary for the first time.”


“I think everyone feels what I feel watching it, which is, yeah, finally, put down a boundary, be yourself,” Alexandra added. “Respect your own boundaries, you know?" 

In the end, the argument actually served as sort of a turning point for the director, and Alexandra saw Paris in a different light because of it. "She could have cried, she could have kicked her feet, she could have said 'no Tomorrowland.’ There was definitely a moment where she wanted to do that and she didn't. I have huge respect for her after that."

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