Who Is Bryan Callen's Ex-Wife, Amanda Humphrey?

She is living an Instagram-worthy life post divorce.

Who is Bryan Callen's Ex-Wife, Amanda Humphrey? Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock

Amanda Humphrey filed for divorce from her husband and the father of her kids, Bryan Callen, earlier this year. The split between the former model and the Goldbergs' actor wasn't a major news story at the time. However, not long after she filed papers, Callen's best friend Chris D'Elia came under fire for alleged sexual misconduct. Now Callen has several women coming forward to say he allegedly raped and sexually assaulted them in the past. Callen denies all allegations.


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Humphrey doesn't have any evidence of Callen left on her social media. She even keeps her kids out of the public eye and curates her posts carefully. She prefers to highlight her charitable work and her love of horseback riding while keeping the rest of her life private. 

Who is Bryan Callen's ex-wife, Amanda Humphrey?  

Humphrey works on immigrant safety issues.

One of the charities that Humphrey has talked about on social media is It's About Humanity, a Los Angeles-based organization that raises awareness about the situation with detainees at the border. Their mission is raising awareness about separated and reunified families and children at the border. After a trip to detainment camps in Tijuana in 2019, Humphrey was impressed with the work the organizations an do on the ground. "After visiting Tijuana this week with @thisisabouthumanity I feel two fold," she wrote. "On one hand I feel like this is an almost insurmountable problem that is growing bigger everyday. And on the other hand I get to meet the people running the shelters and hear how grateful they are, I get to see the joy on the children’s faces due to all the people trying to make it just a little bit better for them."


She has also spent time doing water drops in thee desert with Border Angels. They leave water and supplies along routes that immigrants use to cross into the United States from Mexico.



A post shared by Amanda Humphrey (@instamanda3) on Nov 16, 2019 at 6:36pm PST


Humphrey at a water drop in 2019.

Humphrey's humanitarian work might be a source of friction with Callen.

Callen is a frequent guest on the Joe Rogan Experience, a conservative-leaning podcast — something that might not mesh with Humphrey's humanitarian stance toward immigration. Not only that, Callen follows an Instagram account dedicated to promoting Donald Trump Jr. as a presidential candidate in 2024. If Humphrey wants to end family detainment and separation at the border and Callen wants to elect a man who would continue it, there might not be any way to reconcile those political differences of opinion.

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Amanda Humprey's true love of her life is her horse.

Her Instagram feed is full of pictures of her furry friend. No, not a dog, though she does post photos of her house pets including dogs and a bearded dragon. She spends most of her social media energy on her horse. She is an avid show jumper and spends a lot of time at the barn taking care of her large Holsteiner. His name is Toby and it's obvious from her posts that she adores him. 


She doesn't only care about her own horse. During the Woolsey wildfires she was helping rescue and track down other horses who broke loose to escape the flames. 



A post shared by Amanda Humphrey (@instamanda3) on Jun 13, 2019 at 7:19am PDT


Humphrey riding her horse. 

Amanda Humphrey used to be a model.

Every once in a while Humphrey posts a throwback photo from her modeling days. She doesn't say much about the experience but she does mention that she modeled in Milan around 2000 or so



A post shared by Amanda Humphrey (@instamanda3) on Jul 14, 2020 at 10:56pm PDT

Skincare is one of Humphrey's priorities.

Like a lot of people who worked int the beauty and fashion industries, she puts self-care high on her priorities list. She loves to post pictures of herself getting facial treatments including micro-currents and face masks that she applies at home. 


Humphrey promotes women's empowerment.

One of the other interests that Humphrey promotes on Instagram is a speaker series called Her Platform Events. The organization as found by Tonje Kristiansenwho seems to be a friend of Humphreys. They plan events that feature successful women like Christy Turlington and Mariel Hemmingway talking about their work and their industries.

"We have cultivated a platform for inspirational, innovative, and mold-breaking women to share their stories, on everything from personal breakthroughs to professional triumphs, as a way to inspire people in their own lives," the website declares. Humphrey advertises the events on her Instagram page, though she herself has not yet been a speaker. 



A post shared by Amanda Humphrey (@instamanda3) on Jan 4, 2020 at 3:35pm PST

She is passionate about women's empowerment. 

Why did Bryan Callena and Amanda Humprey get divorced?

One of the strong statements on the Her Platform website is about women supporting one another. "The worst thing that we can do as women is not stand up for each other," the site reads. "This is something that we can practice every day, no matter where we are or what we do."


This week, the news broke that Callen, Humphrey's ex-husband, has been accused of multiple instances of sexual assault, some dating back to 1999, years before she married him in 2008. She has not made any statement so far about the allegations but if she learned of them, she might have decided that remaining married to him was a betrayal of other women and critically, herself.

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