Interesting Facts About Skyler Gisnodo, The Star Of Hulu’s Newest Comedy ‘The Binge’

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Who Is Skyler Gisnodo? Fun Facts About Star Of Hulu’s Comedy ‘The Binge’
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It’s finally Friday, so you know what that means: time to buckle up for another riveting quarantine weekend of binge-watching shows and movies. Hulu’s new comedy The Binge (how fitting) comes out today (August 28), and while we’re pumped to settle into our couches with a bowl of popcorn and binge The Binge, we’re curious about the young cast starring in the film — particularly, Skyler Gisnodo. 

Who is Skyler Gisnodo?

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Skyler Gisnodo is an American actor who was born in Palm Beach County, Florida on July 22, 1996, which makes him a cancer. He’s best known for his role as Jared in Booksmart and as Eric Bemis alongside Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant in Netflix’s The Santa Clarita Diet; however, he has a seriously impressive resume stuffed with acting credits on popular shows and films.

Besides being a main character on The Santa Clarita Diet, he’s also starred in The Righteous Gemstones, Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, Vacation, Night at the Museum: Secret Tomb, and The Amazing Spider Man. Skyler Gisondo has also guest starred on Criminal Minds, Once Upon A Time, CSI, House, and ER

Who is Skyler Gisnodo dating?

Skyler Gisnodo is currently dating Arielle Haagen, who is a skin care representative for Beauty Counter and goes by Ari for short. The couple recently celebrated their two-year anniversary together in July, and Ari commemorated their relationship milestone with a cute tribute to her “best friend” on Instagram.

“Two years with my best friend in the world,” she captioned a sweet snap of the pair. “I adore you [heart emoji].”

One scroll through Ari’s Instagram will show you that she and Skyler absolutely love each other and have fun no matter what they’re doing. From binge-eating pizza rolls and Bagel Bites and playing video games to playing guitar in the park and hanging out on the water, Ari and Skyler are totally #relationshipgoals (do the youths still say that?) and are officially one of the cutest couples of Gen Z. 

What are Skyler Gisnodo’s hobbies?

From the looks of it, Skyler Gisnodo loves staying active and participates in literally any type of outdoor activity. Recently, he and his girlfriend Ari went horseback riding, and judging by one of the action shots he posted to his Instagram, he’s a huge mountain biking enthusiast. 

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Other than mountain biking and horseback riding, Skyler likes to surf, snorkel, swim, and do any type of snow-based sport like snowmobiling. 

What is The Binge about?

The Binge is a comedy that’s slightly reminiscent of The Purge and set in America in the near-future where all drugs and alcohol are illegal except for one day a year. 

“High school seniors, Griffin (Skyler Gisnodo), Hags (Dexter Dardon), and Andrew (Eduardo Franco) make a pilgrimage to get to the best party in town where all their dreams will come true,” the film’s plot description reads. “Sure they will have to avoid their crazed principal (Vince Vaughn), violent siblings and the wild animals roaming the streets, but that’s all part of the fun!”

“Their friendship will be tested, love live’s [sic] will be rattled and their brains completely scrambled,” the description continues. “One thing is for sure, no one’s life is EVER the same after participating in The Binge!”

The Binge is now streaming on Hulu.

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