Sapphire Meaning, Properties And Uses

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Sapphire Meaning, Properties And Uses

Sapphire is a corundum gemstone that has meaning, properties, and uses.

Corundum gemstones are the crystalline form of aluminum oxide with traces of iron, titanium, vanadium, and chromium.

Sapphire is the birthstone of September and tends to be blue, but it can occur as other colors such as yellow, purple, orange, and green.

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Major sapphire deposits are found in various countries, including Cambodia, Cameroon, Thailand, India, Nigeria, Afghanistan, and the United States.

No matter where sapphire is mined, its spiritual meanings are universal.

Spiritual meaning behind the sapphire gemstone

The word itself, sapphire, comes from the French word “saphir,” the Latin word “sapphirus,” or the Greek word “sappheiros.” Each word means blue stone.

Sapphire traditionally symbolizes nobility, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. The gemstone has decorated robes of royalty and clergy members for hundreds of years.

For some time, the gemstone symbolizes royalty and romance and commonly gifted as jewelry. This idea of the gemstone was reinforced when Prince Charles gave a blue sapphire engagement ring to Lady Diana Spencer.

Sapphire also has its religious meaning during the Middle Ages because the clergy wore blue sapphires to symbolize Heaven.

Regular people also wore the gem as they thought it attracted heavenly blessings.

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Properties of sapphire

According to Crystals &, sapphire is used for protection purposes. If someone is worried about any type of attacks — physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual – the protective properties come into good use.

The black sapphire will work to preserve one’s honor, truth, and purity. The person who wears the black sapphire wouldn’t be able to lie or hold big secrets.

Medica Health states that wearers of the blue sapphire can look forward to instances of good luck. People could also look forward to the courage to find strength through life and even inner peace.

Medica Health also claims that there have been modern-day medical trials that have shown the benefits that blue sapphire can have towards combating various health issues.

The healing properties can work by counteracting beta brain waves and increasing the production of endorphins by the brain. This process helps with nervous disorders and even means that the gem can be used as a sedative.

Sapphire uses in ancient history

According to The Natural Sapphire Company, members of the Christian clergy from the 12th to14th century became interested in lithotherapy – the practice of using gemstones to heal the sick.

Other than the Christian clergy, alchemists also sought to harness their legendary powers. Sapphires were also the favorite stone of necromancers, who used the gemstones to summon spirits of the dead for prophecy and black magic.

In ancient times, sapphire was used to protect the wearer by boosting the immune system. They also calmed overactive body systems, treat disorders of the blood, and even regulate glands.

The Natural Sapphire Company also states that ancient Egyptians used ground sapphires for eyewashes. The idea that sapphire was good for eyes persisted through the middle ages.

Medieval writers even believed that sapphires could reduce outbreaks of rage, dispel malicious behavior, and repel envy. Sapphires are also considered helpful for treating mental illness and hysteria.

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Modern Uses

A common use for sapphire would be jewelry as it’s cut and polished into gemstones. Sapphires are also created synthetically in labs for industrial or decorative purposes.

They are used in high-durability windows, wristwatch crystals, and thin electronic waters, which are used in things like integrated circuits.

According to Gia, whenever you’re checking out at the store, you hear the “beep” when the item is slid across the scanner window.

The top layer of that scanner window is made of a very thin piece of sapphire, which keeps the glass free of scratches.

Sapphire is also used as a covering for cell phone camera lenses, and it's also being tested by smartphone manufacturers for shatter-proof touchscreens.

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