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85 Tough Friends Trivia Questions Only True Fans Can Answer

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85 Tough Friends Trivia Questions Only True Fans Can Answer

Friends is arguably the most popular sitcom of the millennial generation. While many call themselves fans of the show, only diehard fans have the answers to these tough Friends trivia questions.

Whether it’s the love of New York City, the comfort of Central Perk, or the humor of the chick and duck, you can’t help but feel immersed in this show.

Depending on who you ask, they’ve probably seen the series a few times through. After a while, it becomes a competition to see who knows more about Friends (similar to The One with the Embryos episode). 

Here are 85 tough Friends trivia questions only true fans can answer. 

So how much of a fan are you? Do you know everything about this series?

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Friends trivia questions

1. What is Chandler Bing’s middle name?

2. Which two characters were friends in high school?

3. It’s the first episode and Rachel has run away from her wedding. What was the name of the man she was going to marry?

4. Which one of Joey’s sisters did Chandler hook up with?

5. Who was Monica’s first kiss?

6. Which one of Phoebe’s songs gets turned into a music video?

7. What is the name of the person they watch through their window?

8. What is Phoebe Buffay’s birth mother’s name?

9. How many sisters does Joey Tribbiani have?

10. What’s inside the secret closet in Monica’s apartment?

11. What was the name of Joey’s imaginary best friend when he was a child?

12. Which one of the friends got mugged when they were younger?

13. What is Phoebe’s brother’s name?

14. Monica categorizes her towels….how many categories are there?

15. What body part does Phoebe find inside a can of soda?

16. Who sets up Phoebe and Mike?

17. How many times has Ross been married?

18. What is the nickname Monica’s dad gives her?

19. Which friends ate cheesecake off the floor?

20. After Richard and Monica break up, what does Monica become obsessed with?

21. What kind of stuffed animal does Joey sleep with?

22. Phoebe dates a scientist named David, who ends up moving away to try and make a scientific discovery. Where does he move to?

23. What is Chandler’s father’s job?

24. What was the name of Chandler’s psycho roommate?

25. What does Rachel say is Chandler’s job?

26. In the episode where the gang goes to Barbados, Monica and Mike play a game of ping-pong. Who scores the winning point?

27. What was the name of the dancer Joey lived with?

28. Which famous fashion designer guest-starred during an episode?

29. What was Rachel’s childhood dog’s name?

30. Who did Phoebe think her grandfather was?

31. Chandler falls asleep during a work meeting and accidentally agrees to move to which city/state?

32. Which show do Chandler and Joey bond over when they first move in together?

33. What color are the kitchen cabinets in Monica’s apartment?

34. What was the name of Rachel’s assistant at Ralph Lauren, who she ends up dating?

35. Which one of the friends married a gay ice dancer?

36. What game show did Joey appear on?

37. How was Joey’s character written off on Days Of Our Lives?

38. What is Rachel’s fear?

39. In the episode where they are all trying to win the lottery, why does Phoebe drop the bowl of lottery tickets?

40. What is Joey’s fake name?

41. What was baby Emma’s first word?

42. What was the game Chandler made up so he could give money to Joey?

43. What language does Phoebe try to teach Joey?

44. Monica dates a millionaire for a few episodes. What was his name?

45. During one of the Christmas episodes, Ross entertains his son Ben by dressing up as…?

46. When talking about Ross and Rachel’s relationship, Phoebe says they are each others’ ___?

47. What were the names of the two people who were in the “I Hate Rachel Green Club”?

48. What was Chandler’s address in Yemen?

49. Where are Monica and Ross performing their 8th-grade dance routine?

50. Rachel and Ross buy the same tables from a place that Phoebe hates. What’s the store called?

51. According to Phoebe, someone dies every time she goes to ___?

52. What is on the door at Chandler and Joey’s apartment?

53. Who gets stuck in a pair of leather pants?

54. Where does Monica lose a fingernail?

55. In the episode “The One With the Ball” which friend doesn’t touch the ball?

56. Why did Phoebe hate the PBS network?

57. Monica and Rachel almost get kicked out of their apartment because of their building’s superintendent. What was his name?

58. What does Phoebe legally change her name to?

59. In their college days, Ross and Chandler had a band. What was it called?

60. How many pages was Rachel’s letter to Ross?

61. What game do the friends play when they’re at the beach house?

62. How old was Monica when she learned how to tell time?

63. Why is Ross suspended from the museum for a month?

64. Who marries Chandler and Monica?

65. What is the name of Rachel’s hairless cat?

66. According to Monica, how many erroneous zones does a woman have?

67. Why did Phoebe break up with Gary the cop?

68. Who is Mr. Heckles?

69. What are the names of Monica and Chandler’s kids?

70. What was the name of the self-defense form Ross tries to teach Phoebe and Rachel?

71. What is the name of the paleontologist that both Ross and Joey date?

72. Chandler dumps Janice on which two holidays?

73. Janice’s ex-husband owns a company that sells…?

74. Which two characters put a turkey on their head?

75. What is Phoebe’s fake name/alter-ego?

76. Rachel plans a birthday party for her daughter Emma. What was the cake supposed to be in the shape of?

77. Which character had three nipples?

78. Who walks in on Monica and Chandler having sex at the hospital?

79. What is the name of the song that Ross sings to his daughter Emma to get her to stop crying?

80. Which friend gets her identity stolen?

81. Which friend hates Thanksgiving and why?

82. At the end of the series, where is Rachel boarding a flight to?

83. In the series finale, what do each of the characters do?

84. Who is the first person to profess his love to Rachel in the series finale? (Hint: Not Ross)

85. Who says the last line of the series?

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Friends trivia answers

1. Muriel

2. Monica and Rachel

3. Barry

4. Mary Angela

5. Ross

6. “Smelly Cat”

7. Ugly Naked Guy

8. Phoebe  

9. Seven

10. Junk

11. Maurice

12. Ross  

13. Frank Jr.

14. Eleven

15. A human thumb

16. Joey

17. Three times

18. Little Harmonica

19. Chandler and Rachel

20. Making jam

21. A penguin

22. Minsk

23. A drag queen in Vegas

24. Eddie

25. “Transponster”

26. Mike

27. Janine

28. Ralph Lauren

29. LaPoo

30. Albert Einstein 

31. Tulsa, OK

32. Baywatch

33. Blue

34. Tag

35. Phoebe

36. Pyramid

37. He falls down an elevator shaft

38. Swings

39. A bird scared her

40. Ken Adams

41. “Gleeba”

42. Cups

43. French

44. Pete

45. The Holiday Armadillo

46. Lobsters

47. Ross and Will

48. 15 Yemen Road, Remen

49. Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

50. Pottery Barn

51. The dentist

52. A Magna Doodle

53. Ross

54. In a quiche

55. Rachel

56. Because she wrote a letter to Sesame Street that was ignored

57. Treeger  

58. Princess Consulea Banana Hammock

59. Way, No Way

60. 18 pages, front and back

61. Strip Happy Days 

62. Thirteen

63. Anger issues because someone ate his sandwich

64. Joey

65. Mrs. Whiskerson

66. Nine

67. Because he shot a bird

68. Monica and Rachel’s downstairs neighbor

69. Jack and Erica

70. Unagi

71. Charlie 

72. New Years Eve and Valentine’s Day   

73. Mattresses

74. Joey and Monica  

75. Regina Phalange 

76. A bunny rabbit

77. Chandler

78. Monica’s dad

79. “I Like Big Butts”

80. Monica  

81. Chandler because that was when his parents announced they were getting a divorce

82. Paris

83. Put their keys on the counter

84. Gunther

85. Chandler

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