Who Is Sara Haines' Husband? Everything To Know About Max Shifrin

Sara is returning to 'The View.'

Who Is Sara Haines' Husband? Everything To Know About Max Shifrin Ron Adar / Shutterstock

After Abby Huntsman left The View in January, the show has finally found a replacement. Starting in September, former co-host Sara Haines is returning to the show after departing in 2018 following two seasons as part of the cast. This isn't too surprising a development, since Haines has been filling in and helping to host the show from home alongside Whoopi Goldberg, Meghan McCaine, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin, but now, her role is becoming more permanent.


Since Haines is going to be on The View a lot more often, what's going on in her personal life?

Who is Sara Haines' husband, Max Shifrin?

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Sara Haines is married to Max Shifrin. 



A post shared by Sara Haines (@sarahaines) on Sep 1, 2019 at 3:56am PDT

Haines has been married to Max Shifrin since April 2014. They tied the knot in the Bahamas, and Good Morning America — where Haines was working at the time — gave her a send-off on air when Shifrin appeared on the show with their dogs, surprising her with a practice wedding on the show.


How did Sarah Haines and Max Shifrin meet? 

Haines has shared that she met Shifrin when she made a profile on OKCupid as part of a segment when she was working for the Today show. They ended up matching on the site and that led them to going on a first date. Though Shifrin is five years younger than Haines, they hit it off and they've been living happily ever after ever since.

Max Shifrin is a lawyer.

Shifrin works as a commercial litigator, working with businesses and individual clients. And according to the website of BakerHostetler, the firm he works for, he's a pretty busy man.

"Max is currently a member of the BakerHostetler team serving as court-appointed counsel to the Securities Investor Protection Act (SIPA) Trustee for the liquidation of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC (BLMIS), an unprecedented effort involving more than 1,000 lawsuits filed by the SIPA Trustee to recover assets for the benefit of defrauded BLMIS customers," says the site.

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Shifrin's life seems centered around their children.



A post shared by Max Shifrin (@maxshifrin) on Jul 19, 2020 at 3:41pm PDT

Looking at Shifrin's Instagram, it's easy to see that his life revolves around the three children he shares with Sara: Sandra, Alec, and Caleb. They're all still pretty young, and appear in the majority of his posts. It seems like Shifrin (and Haines) can't get enough of being a parent, and in all the photos of him with the children, he looks like he couldn't be happier

Shifrin's hobby is making cocktails. 

When he isn't posting about his kids or his wife, Shifrin is sharing his reviews of different liquor he's tried and sharing the cocktail creations he's made — as well as the ones he's ordered when he's out to eat. He's even shown off parts of his home collection, too ... although the baby photos outnumber the cocktail photos by far.


Haines has opened up about what she loves about her relationship with Shifrin. 

In the same piece where she talked about how she and Shifrin met, Haines also shared why she thinks they make such a good match.

"For me, it was never an option to settle, because my biggest mission in life is to evolve as far as I can to be the best I can be," she said. "I wanted someone that also recognizes they are a work in progress, and will keep making each other better, and will always keep aiming for that. That was more important to me than anything. I found that in Max, and not because he all the sudden came along on a horse, but we had a common vision. I wanted my equal and someone that could match me in shared vision, and that’s what I found."

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