Who Is LeToya Luckett's Husband? New Details On Tommicus Walker — And Whether He Cheated On Her

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Who is LeToya Luckett's Husband? New Details On Tommicus Walker — And Whether He Cheated On Her
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She used to be a singer for Destiny's Child, backing up none other than the legendary Beyonce. But, today, LeToya Luckett is a successful actress with a starring role in the hit OWN showGreenleaf. She's also married to her second husband, with whom she has one child, and their second child is on the way. 

But a recent report suggests that Luckett's second husband has been unfaithful to her. These are, of course, very serious accusations — which he, perhaps unsurprisingly, responded to rather quickly. 

Who is LeToya Luckett's husband, Tommicus Walker — and did he cheat on her? 

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Who is Tommicus Walker? He's an entrepreneur from Dallas. 

Tommicus Walker is an entrepreneur who's originally from Dallas, TX. Luckett met him when her friend, Nikki Chu, set them up — Walker is Chu's boyfriend's brother. The pair hit it off instantly and on their first date, Walker flew out to Los Angeles with his daughter, Madison, from a previous relationship so they could properly meet. He proposed to her during a surprise birthday party she set up for him. 


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Luckett and Walker have a child together — and another on the way. 

While Luckett had never been a mother before, Walker has a child named Madison from a previous relationship. Luckett was only briefly married to her first husband but it didn't take long after Walker's proposal for the couple to settle down into married life, and they have a young daughter named Gianna, who was born on January 4, 2019. She announced her pregnancy with their second child, a boy, in March 2020

Walker and Luckett hit a rough patch. 

Luckett and Walker — who star in the hit VH1 show, Friends and Family Hustle — recently went through a rough patch. Walker was dealing with the death of his mother, Ma Ruby, and Luckett suggested that he undergo some counseling. But Luckett also said that Walker couldn't deal with his mother's death appropriately and as a result, she said he was "low on patience" with her. Shortly after Walker came back from the counseling session, he abruptly left Los Angeles to return to Dallas, claiming that he wanted to see his daughter, Madison. This all was shown on an episode of Friends and Family Hustle, which you can see above. 

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Did Tommicus Walker cheat on LeToya Luckett?

In a post that has since been deleted, but which you can see here, The Shade Room claimed a woman came forward claiming that she'd had an affair with Tommicus Walker. This woman, who was not named, reportedly had proof that she and Walker had been intimate in the form of "sex tapes." The sex tape, which was allegedly vetted by The Shade Room, seemed to be legitimate and featured a man with the same tattoo that Walker has in honor of his late mother. 

Walker responded to the cheating allegations. 

Almost immediately, Walker took to Instagram to respond to the claims. Though he didn't outright deny cheating on Luckett, he claimed that "the devil was busy" and "will not win." He also asked his followers to "pray for" Luckett and hoped that she didn't go into pre-term labor over these allegations. You can check out the post below. 

Luckett has also not responded to the allegations. 

As of this writing, Luckett has not responded to the allegation lodged against her husband. It is, however, suspicious that the post on The Shade Room was deleted so quickly. Whatever the case, we will keep you posted with any updates. 

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