30 Unique Water Names For Your Newborn

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30 Unique Water Names For Your Newborn

Water gives us life. We drink it to live, we use it to clean, we use it to purify. What better way to celebrate the birth of your child by giving them one of these unique water names?

Giving your child a water name immediately connects your child to the wider spirituality of the world. The world is nothing without water — oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes connected us all before telephones and computers did. 

Water names also are a symbol of strength and control. Your child will not be easily uprooted or overwhelmed: they will always be at the very center of their emotions. Their name will tie them to a universal and higher feeling of tranquility — they control the flow of their lives. 

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If you want your child to grow up strong, collected, and calm, give them a good water name. Being a parent of a water baby, you will never have to worry about them going off the rails. 

They will know how to be independent, and while that might make you a little teary-eyed, it means you will grow up having a very reciprocal and caring relationship with your newborn in the future.

The same way you took care of your child when they were younger, they will in turn care for you.  

Here are thirty unique water names for your newborn: 

Water Baby Names for Girls

1. Briny 

The saltiness that comes from the sea.

2. Darya 

Iranian origin: means “sea.” 

3. Mira 

Mira comes from the Sanskrit language — the name means “sea or ocean.” 

4. Misty 

A take on mist, the name means “tiny drops of water.” 

5. Muriel 

A prominent name in Celtic mythology, Muriel refers to both an angel who governs the month of June, and also means “of the bright sea.” 

6. Oceane 

This name is the feminine version of Ocean — the name is the name of the Greek God Oceanus, God of the Sea. 

7. Rosemary 

The name is incredibly romantic: it means “dew of the sea.” 

8. Tallulah

Of Irish origin, the name means “leaping water.” 

9. Zarya 

From Slavic mythology, Zarya is the name of a prominent water priestess. 

10. Talise

The name means both “lovely water” and “dew.” 

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Water Baby Names for Boys

11. Aalto 

Scandanavian and Finish origin; it means “wave.” 

12. Calder 

Popular amongst the English, this name means “rocky water.” 

13. Kiyo 

It is a Japanese boy name meaning water. 

14. Lir 

This name derives from the Irish god of the sea. 

15. Morrissey 

Also Irish in origin, this name means “choice of the sea.” 

16. Nile 

The name of a popular Egyptian River; the name means blue. 

17. Sailor 

This unique name will immediately make your child seem adventurous, strong, and spontaneous. 

18. Seaton 

This name means “town by the sea.” 

19. Lincoln

Most popular associated with President Abraham Lincoln, this name also means “town by the lake.” 

20. Jordon

Not to be mistaken with Jordan, Jordon means “flowing down.” This name promises control and tranquility for your newborn. 

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Gender Neutral Water Names 

21. Michal 

Originally the name of King Saul’s daughter, this name means “brook.” 

22. Bay

This name describes the wide mouth leading into the sea; the child will grow up endowed with opportunities. 

23. Kawai 

Kawai is a Hawaiian name meaning "from the water."

24. Brook 

A sensitive name that relates to the creek. 

25. Evian 

A variation off of Evan, this name means “the Lord is gracious” and shares the name with a popular water brand. 

26. Fjord 

An old Norse and Norweigan name that refers to the passage of the sea. 

27. Beck 

An old Norse origin name, Beck means “stream.” 

28. Cove 

This name is often overlooked; it means “a small bay.” Its rarity makes it unique! 

29. Destan

A French name that means “by the still water.” 

30. Douglas

A Scottish name that means “dark water.” This name means your child will grow up brave.

Celebrities with Water Names

Maya Rudolph, comedian, and late-night talk show sweetheart uses Maya, which means water in Hebrew, and Goddess of Spring in Roman. Kendall Jenner is also named after water: Kendall means “valley of the River of Kent.” Steven Patrick Morrissey — or more popularly known as just “Morrissey” from The Smiths crooned himself into the hearts of many. His name means “choice of the sea.” 

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