75 Beautiful Baby Names That Mean Love

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74 Beautiful Baby Names That Mean Love

Our children tend to fill our hearts with one thing without fail; love.

When picking the best baby names for your future children, whether you are pregnant, adopting, or planning ahead, you may want to represent this intense and forever feeling.

Of course, you could name your child Love, and they could embody the word in every imaginable way as they grow into their own. However, there are many names across the world in both modern and more ancient times that translate and mean love and offer a bigger variety of names to choose from. 

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Girl Names That Mean Love

1. Adora 

A latin name meaning beloved one.

2. Aiko 

Japanese origin, translating to little loved one.

3. Amanda 

Latin for worthy of love.

4. Caresse 

An American name meaning beloved.

5. Cherish 

An English name meaning to care for, as well as honor and love.

6. Darla 

Another English name meaning dear or loved one.

7. Esme

French name for loved.

8. Freja/Freya 

A Scandanavian name for the Norse Goddess of love.

9. Ilys 

An American acronym for I love you so.

10. Janiya

An Arabic word for beloved.

11. Juji 

An African name meaning heap of love.

12. Kayla

An American name meaning beloved.

13. Lovette 

An English name denoting little loved one.

14. Nao 

A Japanese name for possessive particle, love, and affection.

15. Nayeli

A Native American name meaning I love you.

16. Olathe 

Another Native American name for lovely, beautiful.

17. Phila

A Greek name meaning love.

18. Priya 

An Indian name for beloved.

19. Radha 

An Indian name for the Goddess of love, passion, and devotion.

20. Sevgi 

A Turkish name meaning love.

21. Sharilynn 

An American name for beloved and beautiful.

22. Siran 

An Armenian name meaning sweet love.

23. Sirvat 

Another Armenian name for the rose of love.

24. Suki 

A Japanese name meaning beloved.

25. Venus

Greek, for the Goddess of love.

26. Yaretzi

An ancient Aztec name meaning you will always be loved.

27. Zuleika

Arabic for brilliant and lovely.

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Boy Names That Mean Love

28. Agapito

A Spanish name for beloved.

29. Amadeus

A Latin name for the love of God.

30. Amando

An Italian name meaning worthy of love.

31. Atuf

An Arabic word for love.

32. Ayarn 

An American name meaning unconditional love.

33. Aziz

Arabic meaning beloved, powerful.

34. Balint 

A Hungarian name meaning health or love.

35. Caradoc 

A Welsh name meaning beloved.

36. Carwyn 

Another Welsh name, meaning fair love.

37. Chicha 

An African name for beloved.

38. Dave

English for beloved.

39. Davion 

An American name for beloved.

40. Dewey

A Welsh name for beloved.

41. Drury

An English name meaning love and friendship.

42. Dulal 

An Indian name for loved one.

43. Erastus 

Greek for loved.

44. Eros

A Greek name for the God of love.

45. Gallagher

An Irish family name, for the descendant of the lover of foreigners.

46. Luthando 

An African name for love.

47. Lyuben 

A Bulgarian name meaning loved.

48. Narcisco 

A Spanish name for beautiful, self-love.

49. Penda

Swahili for love.

50. Prem

An Indian name meaning love and affection.

51. Rasmus

A Scandinavian name for beloved.

52. Ratin 

An Indian name denoting love, happiness.

53. Upendo 

An African name for love.

54. Yadid

A Hebrew name for love.

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Gender Neutral Names That Mean Love

55. Aloha

A Hawaiian name meaning joyful sharing of love.

56. Amor 

Translated in Spanish as love.

57. Asmara

An Indonesian name translating to love.

58. Asthore

Meaning loved one in Irish.

59. Cariad

A Welsh name meaning love or darling.

60. Daveney

An English name for beloved.

61. Drury 

An English name for love, friendship.

62. Fenmore 

An English name meaning dear love/fen moor.

63. Ipo

A Hawaiian name for sweetheart and lover.

64. Jumoke

An African name meaning everyone loves the child.

65. Kendi 

Another African name for the loved one.

66. Libe

A Hebrew name for beloved.

67. Lolovivi

An African name, meaning there’s always love.

68. Lovender

A newer American name, a combination of love and lavender.

79. Madan

An Indian name for God of love.

70. Moral

English meaning lovely thoughts.

71. Oratilwe 

Meaning loved one in an African language.

72. Penha

A Swahili name meaning beloved.

73. Sevilen

A Turkish name for loved.

74. Tene

An African name for love.

75. Thuong

A Vietnamese name meaning love tenderly.

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