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Who Is Rob Kardashian's Girlfriend? Everything To Know About Model Aileen Gisselle

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Who Is Rob Kardashian's Girlfriend? Everything To Know About Model Aileen Gisselle

It's been awhile since Rob Kardashian has lived his life in the public eye but lately, we've been seeing more and more of him — and it seems like he's seeing a lot of a certain new lady, thanks to a recent Instagram post. Word on the street is that Kardashian is dating someone, and this could be his first legit relationship since his explosive split with former fiancé, Blac Chyna. 

Who's Rob Kardashian's girlfriend, Aileen Giselle?

Here's everything to know about her (and her massive Instagram following). 

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Rob Kardashian appeared on Aileen Gisselle's Instagram Story.


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Rumors about Kardashian and Gisselle potentially being in a relationship came up on Monday night, when Gisselle posted a video of Kardashian on her Instagram Story. The two looked to be having a dinner out, and she used the heart filter on Kardashian, making fans think this wasn't just a friendly outing.

Aileen Gisselle is a model who has gained a ton of followers on social media. 


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Gisselle is best known for being a model and an Instagram personality — and for good reason. She has over 250,000 followers on the platform and frequently shares photos of herself, whether they're selfies or vacation pics. She may be better known as GiGi, though it sounds like she also goes by the nickname Big GiGi, too.

Aileen Gisselle has a daughter. 

Gisselle also happens to be a mom — just like Kardashian is a dad to daughter Dream Kardashian. Gisselle shares photos of her daughter on Instagram, whose name is Emoniee. The mother/daughter duo seem to be very close. 

Aileen Gisselle also has a YouTube channel. 

Gisselle seems to be building a YouTube channel called Lord Gisselle TV and so far, the only video includes her and Emoniee doing a seafood mukbang together — a genre of YouTube videos that are taken while the subjects are eating tons of food. 

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Aileen Gisselle once had her own kids' clothing brand.

Gisselle began her own online kids' clothing boutique, Haus of Kiddies, but it may no longer be In business. Back in 2018, Gisselle showed off her styles on Instagram, with her daughter modeling many of them. 

Are Aileen Gisselle and Rob Kardashian dating?

They haven't officially confirmed their relationship yet. So far, Gisselle and Kardashian have yet to publicly share whether or not they're actually dating, though there have been reports that Kardashian is seeing someone and keeping it on the down low. 

“Rob is keeping it very low-key but apparently he’s dating someone that he really likes," a source said last month. "He knows as soon as people find out, it will get turned into a huge deal and all this pressure will be added that he doesn’t want, so he’s being very secretive right now." 

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