Even Though You May Feel Like It, You Are Not A Burden

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Even Though You May Feel Like It, You Are Not A Burden

By Madison Zygadlo

If you have always said that you feel like you're a burden, then I know just how you feel. 

It can happen in any aspect of your life — you may feel like a burden in your breakup, you may feel like a burden in an argument that you had with your parents or your partner, or you may feel like a burden at the job that you worry about quitting. 

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And you may sometimes end up telling your friends or your partner that they aren’t a burden in order to sympathize with them.

But somehow, even though you can see that everyone else in your life isn’t a burden, you still can’t seem to apply that same logic when it comes to yourself. 

You may feel like you become too attached much too quickly in both your romantic relationships and in your friendships. And you may also feel like you annoy your friends.

When your loved ones don’t respond, you may worry that you said or did something wrong to cause it. And because you feel like a burden, you tend to not think that you belong. 

But if you do often feel like you’re a burden, then you’re not alone. As a matter of fact, I feel burdensome, too.

And because I feel this way, I may worry that other people can easily toss me aside, even though, deep down, I know for a fact that that’s not true.

I know that my friends and my family love me, but sometimes, my mental health can get in the way of seeing the truth.

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Sometimes, my thoughts can become so overwhelming that I think that my friends and my family must hate me. I may worry that I’m a burden to them, and not a bright ray of sunshine. 

So, coming from someone who often tends to feel burdensome themselves, I know that you are not a burden. 

Your loved ones are lucky to know you, because you do, in fact, always bring so much light to their lives.

You don’t just take up space — you make the world a better place for everyone who knows and loves you.

You’re a wonderful person who has dreams, ambitions, and goals. You’re full of life, and you have so much talent and knowledge to share with the world. And you’re a worthy person who has a story to share.

Your brain may be telling you otherwise and you may tend to overthink everything that you think that you are, but you deserve to take up space. And you are definitely not a burden.

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Madison Zygadlo is a writer who focuses on relationships, health and wellness, and self-love. For more of her self-love content, visit her author profile on Unwritten.

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