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Who Is Jeffrey Epstein's Secret Girlfriend? New Details On Shelley Anne Lewis AKA "Chocolate Sauce"

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Who Is Jeffrey Epstein's Secret Girlfriend? New Details On Shelley Anne Lewis AKA "Chocolate Sauce"

The so-called "Epstein files" have been released, and needless to say, there is a virtual treasure trove of information. In the 2000-plus page document, which was unsealed last Friday, shocking revelations — including names of celebrities that have been tied to the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, who died in jail in August 2019 — were exposed to the general public. 

But one of the biggest revelations is that Epstein had a "secret girlfriend" all along, and she went by the nickname "Chocolate Sauce." What's more, there is some evidence to suggest that Epstein and this alleged "secret girlfriend" have been together since at least the early 2000s.

Who is Jeffrey Epstein's secret girlfriend, Shelley Anne Lewis AKA "Chocolate Sauce"?

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Shelley Anne Lewis is believed to have dated Epstein from 1999 until 2002. 

According to the 2000-plus page document dubbed "The Epstein Files," which were released as the charges against Ghislaine Maxwell continue, Lewis began dating Epstein in 1999, when she was 22 years old and he was 46. At the time of their initial meeting, she was working in the contemporary art department at Christie's auction house. They were believed to be together until 2002. 

Shelley Anne Lewis' nickname in the "Epstein Files" is "Chocolate Sauce." 

In the "Epstein Files," the now-43-year-old Lewis is sometimes referred to as "Chocolate Sauce." Lewis reportedly had that nickname for quite some time, and even had a publishing company named "Chocolate Sauce Books,"  which bills itself as a "collective of like-minded people awake to the wonders of the world and intent on doing some global good."

Shelley Anne Lewis also runs a company called Sacred Space. 

In addition to running Chocolate Sauce Books, Lewis runs the Sacred Space in New York City. According to the company's website, Sacred Space "curates environments for Pure Meditation, Intention Setting and Divining, whether during a session in our all-white healing pod or with one of our wellness partners."

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Lewis' biographies suggest that she's a 'self-made millionaire.' 

In Lewis' biographies on both the Chocolate Sauce Books website and the Sacred Space website, Lewis bills herself as a 'self-made millionaire.' She boasts about her best-selling book, A Key to the Heart, which received accolades from both J.K. Rowling and First Lady Laura Bush, and toggles between New York City and London. There seems to be no sign of the book for purchase, but there are other children's books available at the Chocolate Sauce books website.She holds a Master of Arts (MA) from the University of Glasgow and is a graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism Publishing Course, and she contributed to The Huffington Post and other beauty blogs from time to time, as well. 

But in reality, Lewis allegedly comes from a rich family, and Epstein may have also mentored and sponsored her endeavors. 

According to the documents, Lewis would frequently praise a "mentor" that thought outside the box and helped further advance her already-inquisitive mind. While the mentor was never outright named, prosecutors believe she could be referring to Epstein. Additionally, Lewis owns a $1 million apartment with her sister in West London, and her father Brian Lewis is a retired businessman (who also claims that he hasn't spoken to his daughter in years). 

She's not being accused of any wrongdoing. 

As of this writing, Lewis is not being accused of any wrongdoing in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. However, prosecutors do want to talk to her to find out what she does know about her alleged former boyfriend and his dalliances with underage girls. "Ms. Lewis may have information which could be valuable and which could aid victims who are seeking compensation from Epstein’s estate. We would urge her to tell the FBI what she knows,” said a lawyer for one of the victims, whose name was not released to the general public.

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